Eh up Duck!

This is quite a common saying around The Potteries area but this is not what I am on about….I am talking about the wildlife, ducks, geese and coots.

Someone said at the marina a few weeks ago that they weren’t able to go out on their boat cause they had coots!!! I thought it was some kind of disease or something that made him unwell he was not able to leave the boat! Luckily before I embarrassed myself he continued to say that they had nested at the back of his boat and by law you are not allowed to disturb their nest. £5,000.00 fine if you do. He was talking about these little fellows…..

CootsBe honest now how many people out there knew what coots are? I never heard of them. Thank goodness he kept talking before I totally embarrassed myself! Would not have been the first time. I have to admit though that the chicks are kind of ugly with a red spiky hair-do. Just saying! The parents have the weirdest looking feet also that look like fans made of feathers. Strange looking birds and when they call their chicks they make this loud clicking noise with their beaks. In fact when I heard it first time I was searching round for something in the kitchen that I thought was dripping or something……..could not find it of course, only to realise it was these coots outside.

Zombie GooseI was given the evil eye today by this little chap……..

When they are going sleep there eyes roll to this scary white colour. Most evil looking.

I saw another type of bird today at the marina. Did not get chance to get a photo as it actually was swimming in the water, dived under and then disappeared somewhere. Must have gone fishing!

Think I might get myself a wildlife book learn about all this wildlife at the marina. I do find them fascinating to watch and the different characteristics they each have. A bit like people!!


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4 Responses to Eh up Duck!

  1. Elly says:

    Claire, they do have ugly feet don’t they!
    You’re not the only one to have an embarrassing moment. I’ve put the link below of my moment in Stone late last year :
    I see you’re selling up and moving aboard. Good for you! Hope it all goes well.

  2. Jo says:

    Awwwww I do so love Coots and Moorhens they are such wonderful parents and so attentive.

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