Epic Journey!

Yesterday was fantastic. I am on holiday now from work (Daystate), as we are shutdown for 1 week. Hooray!! It has been a very busy month and I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to this week off.

Saturday 0 miles – 0 locks in a time of 24 hours 🙂

Oh my goodness yesterday was a fantastic day. Happy Birthday to our good friend Angus!!

We had a great meal out at the Cherry Tree pub at Willington, bought a ‘cake-away’ which are  the hugest desserts I have ever seen in my life, took them back to the boat and that is where the laughter began.

BuzzWe all decided to play this game BUZZ which is a quiz game where you press the buzzer. The funniest part was when we were choosing our cartoon characters………..I have never laughed so much. It is so funny what we all chose:





Roy: He chose an old man in a kilt and still named him Roy with a walking stick and when he got a question correct he jumped up in the air, his false teeth fell out and then he was holding onto his back like he had dislocated it ( the character this is, not Roy by the way!)

Clare:My character – I chose the name of Clever Clogs and chose this sexy nurse character with big boobs and a dress just covering her bum ( oh god how I wish I was like that).

Janet : She chose the name of Grey, purely by pressing the wrong button but this suited her character of a sexy vampire. It was a very tall character, unlike Janet who is really tiny. Quite a wild/sexy looking character though which is probably like Janet !! Ha ha Janet 🙂

This is where the laughs started..

Angus :  His character was this muscular super hero…………..so funny…..called ZOE!! It was just so funny when the character stood there cheering showing his muscles and the compare then introduced him as Zoe. I guess you had to be there to see the funny side.

It was a fabulous night. Lots of laughs as always with Janet & Angus…………love you both!! xxxxxx

Fabulous thunderstorms last night and this morning the sun has made an appearance again.

Hopefully heading off today at some point. Where to ….not quite sure yet……….hopefully onto the Trent!

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