Accident Prone!

This boating lark is very dangerous, even without travelling. I think I have more of a bruised ego than a bruised thigh this morning. I was just about to get off the boat yesterday, I was wearing a long dress and as I stood to get off the boat, dosy me stood on the bottom of the dress and of course went to take the next step and over I went. How embarrassing. One foot in the canal only (thank goodness) as I trapped myself between the boat and the jetty and my thigh is so bruised from landing on the edge of the sides of the jetty. Black and blue doesn’t come close.

Well that was me and Roy also had an accident………..not very often he cooks, but he took a roasting tin out of the oven and caught his arm on the tin. He was in agony. It is very red this morning and has blistered up. The things men do to get out of cooking!!

The weather was gorgeous yesterday…………cloudy!! Hooray. Bit of light relief from the hot weather. Typical though because we had bought an air conditioner for the boat. Today it is raining, that very fine spray kind of rain. Funny when you watch people walking and they shrug their shoulders up and run a few steps, walk a few steps just to avoid the rain. I don’t think anyone has told them that doesn’t work!!

Polished the boat up yesterday. It is gleaming! You can see the reflection of the boats either side on the surface. I really enjoyed doing it. Think the washing bug has caught the jetty as everyone else was doing the same yesterday. We must have the cleanest jetty of boats at the marina 🙂 It is great where we are though because we don’t have to turn the boat around to polish the other side as we have a jetty either side. Downside to that though you have no excuse to leave one side, it is hard work doing both on the same day. Back breaking is a good word to use. Knackering is another!!

Slept well though last night despite a bruised leg, bruised ego and aching back! Would not swap it though for anything 🙂

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