A Whole New World

Yes, another song title, from a Disney movie this time, Aladdin. It was as if I had rubbed a magic lamp and all my wishes come true. Today has been amazing!

The boards had finally moved onto amber and the levels were still on the way down so off we headed onto The River Trent. Little scary at first and not knowing what quite to expect but oh my goodness it was fantastic. The scenery was breath taking!

The photos say it all:

Towards SawleyLeaving The T&M

It felt like we were doing 40 miles an hour ( slight exaggeration I know) but Foxglove handled really well cruising down the river.

Sawley Marina Approaching Sawley Lock

It was just a totally different experience from travelling on the canals.

Sawley Flood LockcRiver Trent

Fabulous little cottages and homes that people had made on the riverside.

Riverside Living Riverside Living

It was just so idyllic.

River Trent

It had given out rain and thunderstorms by midday but once again we had been extremely lucky as the sun shone the whole way until we moored up around 2 pm at Beeston.

Beeston Lock Beeston Cut

It is now almost 4 pm and the thunder and rain has just started. We have been lucky.

Few more photos from today:

Go Faster - Wheeee

River Trent The TrentRiver TrentThe Trent

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5 Responses to A Whole New World

  1. Jo says:

    The further down you go the better it gets. Moorings are few and far between, so moor up early and go and explore. Gunthorpe pontoon mooring is great and you maybe able to moor on the inside of the pontoon. The pub does a nice pint and good food. Enjoy your new adventure, it is amazing xxxxxxx

    • Hi Jo, probably only going go as far as Holme Lock as we have friends there who we are hoping meet up with and then I have to be back at Mercia marina by Sunday cause of getting back to work, unfortunately. Can’t believe how fabulous the weather has been. Sun is out again. Xxx

  2. Christine Woolford says:

    Hi Clare looks fab and some brilliant photos. Thanks for your text no signal on phone but will be in touch when can. In Cornwall St. Ives in motor home, back beginning September. This retirement is lollipop hard!
    Hugs to all Christine xx

  3. Christine Woolford says:

    Predictive text changed so oooo to lollipop how mad is that!

    • I think I like the lollipop mad version 🙂
      So many places in the UK to see I can’t quite believe how everything seems so different when travelling the canals/rivers.xx

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