Row , Row, Row Your Boat…..

We were moored up before midday today at Trent Bridge! How exciting is that? I found it quite bazar to see canoeists travelling past and these huge sight-seeing boats coming up behind us in these huge expanse of space. Cruised on under Trent Bridge……….it just felt crazy. Cannot believe that we are on a narrowboat, on the river and we have moored up here for the rest of the day.

Meadow Lane Lock

Meadow Lane Lock

Under Trent Bridge

Under Trent Bridge

There was a reason for coming this way as best friends of ours Nancy & Roger are now living in Nottingham literally 5 minutes from Trent Bridge so we have had lunch out with them at Trent Bridge ( definitely recommend this place to eat) and a quick ride out to see Nancy’s new home (gorgeous!!) and then back to the boat for a cuppa.

County Hall - Nottingham

County Hall – Nottingham

County Hall - Nottingham

County Hall – Nottingham

Sitting this evening we have actually managed to have the side hatch doors open as it has been raining all day. Heard this shouting from a man who sounded a real task master!! People were having training on the canoes and this particular one had a dragon on the front. He sounded like a Sergeant Major!! He certainly made them work hard.

This weekend is Nottingham River Festival so we have been lucky to get a mooring spot today because as from Friday there is no mooring allowed on the section where we are today. Everywhere else along the river was filling up fast!

suspension bridge county hall 1 dragon boat 1

I know to some people they might just take this for granted but today has seemed quite unbelievable. I feel it is quite remarkable that we are sitting her tonight watching this surreal world go by outside.

Nottingham By NightTreasure every moment!

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6 Responses to Row , Row, Row Your Boat…..

  1. Jessie Henney says:

    Lovely photo at the bottom there. Love from jess and brett xxxx

    • Hello you two! Wish you were here with us, it is amazing on the river. If you get chance come over that will be great, you can always sleep in the ” nerd hole” as you have named it! Love you lots. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  2. Glyn Forster says:

    Hi Roy & Claire

    We used to go to the Riverside festival every year, where you are moored is kept clear as they have a massive firework display on Sat evening and thats where they set them off from, they also have a procession of illuminated boats just before the fireworks and we used to anchor up midstream to watch the fireworks.

    Are you heading further down the Trent??, the National Watersports Centre is only approx 15 minutes downstream just above Holme Pierpont lock and is well worth a stop to watch the canoe slalom and rafting.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    • Hi Glyn, we wish we had more time to stay. It feels amazing out here. We are heading to Holmelock tomorrow to see the water sports centre. It looks fascinating. All this feels very surreal. Loving every minute xx

  3. ann says:

    Hi both, we’ll I now understand a blog and I am following you on my iPad, it is all so interesting I am so pleased you are enjoying yourselves. You are certainly more brave than me as I did not enjoy the rivers. Life goes on as normal here on the pontoon, and the weather is good. I have been to the hairdressers this afternoon and had it cut even shorter, fed up with having wet hair. We are going to Stratford on Saturday to spent the weekend with our friends, hope to see you both (plus Wish) before you go home, we will not be late back. Lots of love Ann xxxxxx

    Sent from Ann’s iPad

    • Hi Ann, you know what that means don’t you? You have become like Roy “one of them” a computer person! Glad you are enjoying the blog. It’s been a hot one today, don’t blame you for having it cut shorter I am wondering whether to myself. Looking forward seeing you both Sunday. Love to both xxxx

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