Oh what a beautiful morning !

…………Oh what a beautiful day!

Yes, another song title……how many of you have just sung that?

The sun put in his appearance today and what a lovely happy start to the day…..

WishWish was excited……..she just loves being on the boat:

After a lazy morning, reading books and eating breakfast in our pyjamas, with the radio on in the background, we thought we would move on a little bit furthur……..after showers that is……do not want to venture out in our pyjamas!

Lots of boats on the move this morning. Had a few “wow’s” and “what a beautiful boat” comments today which is very nice of people to say. RagleyI cannot believe that it is almost coming up to a year since we bought Foxglove. I do think she is looking beautiful. Just the tiling in the kitchen to do which Rob is starting this week and hopefully a new canopy and side hatch/Houdini covers to go with it. Hopefully this next week we will have some news regarding the house and a better idea of when the big boat move will happen. Will have to have a boat warming party!

IMG_0875IMG_0880Onwards we went through Swarkstone Lock, to the turning point and back to find a mooring spot for the day. The weather has turned beautiful outside. It is days like today that make me very impatient about wanting to move in on the boat. Everything just seems so idyllic.

Some dog walking planned for the afternoon, bit more of my cross stitch to do and pancakes on the menu for tonight! Can’t get much better than that 🙂

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2 Responses to Oh what a beautiful morning !

  1. Jo says:

    Ok I admit it I sang Oh what a beautiful morning LOL.
    You do have a lovely boat, wow already a year, time flies when your having fun.
    Jo xx

    • At least you were honest enough to admit it Jo. i bet there were lots out there that did the same. Cannot believe it is coming up to a year and what a fab one it has been! xx

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