Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to Roy! Breakfast in bed and a nice lie in (apparently Roy needs it now he has reached the grand old age of 51!, I mean 21 + 30).

WalkiesHe was later greeted by Wish this morning saying ” Daddy, I want to take you for a Birthday walk.” Well actually it was me doing Wish’s voice for her, this always makes Roy laugh! Yes there are many strange things that I do, this is one of them. I am sure lots of other people do it to I am just mad enough to admit it!!

Wonderful sunshine this morning again when we woke up. We had a leisurely cruise back through Swarkestone & Stenson Lock where we moored up and went to The Bubble Inn for some lunch. First time we have been and the food was fantastic and presented beautifully. Came out feeling stuffed! Even left some food because I was so full (unusual for me!) We will definitely be going back there.

Hopefully we will have some news regarding the house to boat move this week. All being well September should be the month to move on Foxglove. Fingers crossed.

IMG_0892I find housework really good fun on the boat……….its like playing house when you are little. Even putting the washing on and hanging it out in the engine room is fun!  Nick & Emma if you are reading, my washing dried in around 1 hour after hanging it up in there cause after travelling the heat from the engine dried it really quickly, sometimes engines are good above floor level 😉 Are you convinced yet? xx

The ironing was also fun! Did I really just say that?? It was done in no time and my goodness it was the first time I had ironed whilst Roy was driving the boat and to look out the window with such incredible views and have the scenary change as you iron was just fab!

Big week this week as Rob starts the tiling tomorrow and the canopy should also be finished by next weekend. This will be the last of the major jobs to do on Foxglove. Really looking forward to seeing the finished results. Hopefully lots of before and after pictures to do next weekend.

Great weekend again……….very relaxing! Even doing the ironing 😉

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2 Responses to Birthday Boy!

  1. Jo says:

    Happy Birthday Roy, welcome to the 51 club xxxxx

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