Victoria, Albert & Tigger

Look who’s back………..not only Rob but he is having a helping hand from Tigger.

Tiger the Tiler

Looking forward to seeing the tiles tonight as Rob has been busy fitting the Victoria & Albert tiles. Looks fab from what I have seen so far.

Staffordshire Canopies have also been today and fitted our new canopy………can’t wait to see it as it will have blinds fitted on it so when it is raining I will be able to sit out the front when travelling and still be able to look out and we will have the privacy of pulling the blinds down if we need them. Side hatches and Houdini hatches will be fitted tomorrow. All exciting.

RobBank Holiday weekend so we get 1 extra day off work…….YIPPEE!!! 3 day weekend again. I remember last Monday we were out on the canal for Roy’s birthday and a song came on the radio by THe Boomtown Rats called “I don’t like Monday’s”. I laughed and sang my own version along to it because  if every Monday was like last Monday  then “I LOVE Mondays!!

Best get packed for another fun filled weekend! Bye!!!!…………

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1 Response to Victoria, Albert & Tigger

  1. Nancy says:

    Belated happy birthday, Roy. Sorry we forgot! Hope all your new stuff on the boat looks great. I’m sure it will cos you both have such good taste. X

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