Settling in.

Now this is for real and not a rehearsal anymore I have made myself really at home today. Not in a rush to get anything done or to fit everything into one weekend.

One thing I have done today is go food shopping…… those who know me well enough will know that is a huge deal for me, those who don’t know me well perhaps will wonder what on earth I am talking about.  I actually enjoyed going food shopping and taking my time and planned a few meals. I am going to bake some cakes tomorrow…….then I will enjoy eating them!!

Wish was due for her bath today and she has come back looking like a cute little panda bear. She always comes back looking and smelling beautiful thanks to “Dirty Dogs” at Uttoxeter.

It has been another beautiful day at the marina. Taken a few trips to the rubbish bins…… I actually like doing this……don’t laugh but the reason I like going is because  on the odd occasion I have taken a few things down there that I don’t want anymore and hoped that someone else might want them and so I always like to take another trip later on to see if my unwanted items have found a new home. So far everything has gone. The list to date are:

Cutlery tray,

Red lampshade,

12 piece dinner set,

Old cratch cover

Sky digital box ( taken that today) still waiting for that to go!!

I have really tried to get some of the storage space sorted out today. I still have lots of belongings to bring on the boat and also lots to sell. Not quite got round to all of that yet. Roy has sorted himself out an office which is great so anything that we don’t sell we will be able to store at his office.

My beloved piano has been sold to the lovely family who are having the house. This was one of the hardest things for me to let go of. Anyway, looking on the positive side there is room for my electric violin on the boat…… neighbours are going love me!!!!

Cooked meatballs and pasta and sauce for tea and then I went out for a walk with Wish afterwards.  I hope I never take this life for granted because at the moment I keep pinching myself as I feel the happiest I have felt for a long, long time.

Already looking forward to tomorrow 🙂

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