Slowing down

Today is the first day properly on my own. Roy left for work early this morning and it is the first time in a long time I was able to make him breakfast on a work day as it was normally the other way around because I was always in such a rush in the mornings. Not today though, we had a nice leisurely breakfast together and then as soon as Roy went off to work I then made a start on my plans. I have to learn that I am not in a rush to do anything, just take each day as it comes and not to plan anything.

It was lovely to take Wish out this morning for a nice long walk. She has been with me every second of the day. She loves being on the boat and spending time with me and I love it also.

Finally got around to baking those cakes. By lunch time today though I had dusted, hoovered, done 2 lots of washing which is drying nicely in the boatmans cabin, read some of my book whilst the cakes were baking and also taken Wish out. Had a lovely peaceful lunch looking out onto the marina. The morning flew by and this afternoon I have had a nice catch up with my neighbour Ann.

The day has just flown by but I must try slow everything down. No urgency for anything, no deadlines, no routine, no e mails, no phone calls, just peace and quiet. Time for me 🙂

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