Through the keyhole

Who lives in a house…..I mean boat like this??

imageThis was my lounge late this afternoon. It has been a great day! The empty bottle of wine and glasses speaks volumes 😉

Had a very relaxing day as it started off with a nice relaxing bubble bath this morning, lovely walk with Wish whilst the sun was still shining , food shopping then a lovely relaxing afternoon with Ann and Birthday girl Barbara. Out came a bottle of wine shared between friends. Lots of laughs and a very chilled afternoon enjoyed by all. Learning to slow down a bit now and enjoying the more peaceful life is doing me the world of good.

Wanting to get up in the mornings is a fantastic feeling as the last few months whilst I was working were very hard as I never wanted to get up and face the day. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I have my life back.

Rob the joiner is popping back in the morning to finish off the kitchen by fitting the porthole liners. He has done a great job of the tiling and it will be so nice to have it all finished off tomorrow. I will be getting the camera out for some final photos.

All the major jobs have now been completed on the boat. It is almost a year now since we bought Foxglove. I think I will plan some before and after photos for tomorrows blog.  I still can’t believe how beautiful the boat is now. It really has become a home.

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2 Responses to Through the keyhole

  1. Ann Evans says:

    It was a lovely afternoon being amongst wonderful friends, and also feeling very relaxed. Thank you Clare x

    • Hi Ann, you are more than welcome. We will go out on the boat next time just us girls!! Should be fun. Must remember to unplug the electric though from the bollard before we go otherwise I will end up pulling the bollard off!! Xxx

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