Entertaining Weekend

This weekend has been fab. The marina held their 5th open weekend.


Plenty of stalls with canal memorabilia, food, drink and entertainment. Enjoyed a lunch from the hog roast. Huge sandwich of pork, stuffing and apple sauce. It was yummy! Bought 2 cupcakes also that Roy & I devoured later that afternoon. Bought a few more plates for the boatman’s cabin and a crochet mat for one of my plants. Some bargains were to be found. The music has been fabulous this weekend. There really are some talented singers out there.

IMG_0945Last night though was amazing as there was a firework display. The view was incredible as all the fireworks just exploded into the sky in an array of colours. Truly magical.

I provided some entertainment of my own today for the neighbours as I decided to a 180 degree turn in the marina so we could moor the opposite way in the marina. My neighbour Ann came and joined me for the 2 minute trip. Roy stood and watched with the look of fear as I shouted out ” see you in a few weeks”.  Ann’s husband Terry got his camera out as I took the boat out on my own with my supportive crew member Ann.

Perfectly executed I gave a curtsey as the boat came back into her mooring spot. Thank goodness I did it o.k as there was an audience. Ann, Barbara ( my 2 neighbours on the jetty) & myself are going to take Foxglove out for a day. I think Roy is worried sick or actually doesn’t believe I will do it. He will have a shock!! Ha ha.Roy has been busy sorting out the front cratch ropes (decorative ropes) this weekend. Almost done and he has done a fab job. I will take a photo once he has completed it.

IMG_7964 IMG_7971 IMG_7978




Feel a little disorientated on the boat this evening with us being moored the opposite way around but I am hoping it will be far easier getting on and off the boat during rainy weather than trying to mess with unzipping cratch covers and crouching down whilst trying to take your shoes off and a dog trying to push past me. It will be a lot easier at the stern end of the boat.

This weekend has gone far too quickly. Roy is back at work tomorrow and I have no plans  at all. I am just taking each day as it comes. I know that I am feeling 100% better in myself, loving my new-found freedom and independence. I feel have renewed confidence in myself.

Got to head back to Stoke-on-Trent at some point this week. Few things to sort out at the house before our final goodbye and pass the keys over. Hopefully meet up with a few friends and fit in some shopping trips before heading back to Foxglove. Definitely feel a trip to Trentham Gardens has to be fitted in somewhere!!

Already planning a trip away on Foxglove. Where to???? I have no idea. How long for??? Who knows? Just enjoying each day come rain or shine.

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2 Responses to Entertaining Weekend

  1. Christine says:

    Well done Claire! You obviously managed with the wheely thingymagig.
    We female steerers must stick together.
    I did most of the steering through locks this year as I sprained my knee when we were out in the summer and it is still giving me jip.
    It would be great to get over to you sometime if we could arrange a date?
    Hugs Christine x

    • Hi Christine, it would be great to arrange a day to meet either by boat or driving over. Hope I can pick up some tips from you regarding your craft hobbies. I haven’t got round to starting some or finishing some of my others off! Speak with you soon xxx

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