It’s been a while…

People say ” time goes quickly when you are having fun”. Well it certainly has and it has been just over a couple of weeks since I have written. I don’t know how on earth I found the time before to go to work because each day has just been filled to the max.

I actually enjoy getting up each morning, relaxed breakfast at the table, no rushing around. Wish (the dog) is also enjoying her new life as she is walked so much each day and fussed by so many people.

Plans have changed slightly with the house now as 2 couples put an offer in on the house on the same day so we are no longer going to rent the house out as we have accepted the offer from a lovely couple who are in a position to move straight away. Fingers crossed we shall have completed the house sale within the next few weeks.

The boat finally got a complete waxing last Friday & Saturday and it looks fantastic. It should be ok to see us through the Winter, I think it might take that long recover from all that “wax on, wax off”. I thought I was in a scene from the Karate Kid! You will have to watch the film to understand that 😉

This afternoon has been glorious, the sun was shining and I sat out at the front of the boat having a coffee with my friend & neighbour Ann. At least we were on coffee today!! The marina is starting to fill back up again as people are coming back after spending months out on the canals. Used to wish that would be me one day and now I can. A long holiday is on the horizon. As soon as the house is sold that will give us more freedom.

Did anyone watch The Golden Age of canals on Tv the other night? Well at the end of the program it showed you working narrowboat Hadar which is also a Roger Fuller boat. It was built by a Roger Fuller just after he finished Foxglove. We met the owners a couple of times and we also follow their blog. It was really good to see Jo & Keith on their boat Hadar on TV. Told you they were celebrities!

More photos will come as soon as we have sorted out a better internet signal. I have taken lots during the past few weeks but unfortunately they just take too long to upload or won’t upload due to the signal.

There have been fabulous sunsets…….not sure about the sunrises as I am not up that early but there has been some amazing photos and views. It is surprising how the weather has changed so much as it went quite cold the other night that it was like a view of smoke signals in the marina as some people have put their coal fires on……it is quite a peaceful scene at the marina when you see this. Yesterday was foggy and grey all day and the water was as still as stone if that’s a saying…….it was just very still! Today has been glorious sunshine.

1 month tomorrow since I left work and it was the best thing I ever did! I should have done it a long time ago but at least it paid for the new paint job on Foxglove. Retired at 41! They say life begins at 40….. It certainly does!! 🙂

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