Having the snip??

Bet you all thought I mean Roy has gone and had the “snip”……..Not bloody likely would be his answer!! What I mean by the snip is that I have gone back to good old Staffordshire today to get my hair cut. It has been 6 months since I have been and had it cut.

Joseph DeStefano

Joseph DeStefano

A 45 minute trip to Joseph DeStefano (Hairdressers) in Newcastle-under-Lyme, well worth the trip. They have been my hairdresser for the past 18 years and I would never go anywhere else. Jacqui, the girl on the left in the photo……”Hi Jacqui” if you are reading…….I trust completely. I just let her do whatever she thinks needs to be done. I had a relaxing time in there today, 2 cappuccinos and a good natter and 1 fabulous hair cut and then back home. Anyone thinking of getting a new hairdresser, this is the place to go!! I did not shut up about narrowboat life………sorry all if I bored you too much. I am just enjoying life so much at the moment, better than it has been for a long, long time.

I had friends, Nancy & Roger over for most of the day yesterday and we went for a fabulous walk along the canal…….straight to the pub! I was very good though as I only had a tonic water…….honestly I did. Wish was completely shattered when we got back as Roger was throwing her a stick all the way there and all the way back. I could not believe how hot it was yesterday, today however, the weather has started to get a bit cooler. Will this snow that was forecasted for October really be on its way sooner than we think? Who knows.

I was also reminded today that it is exactly 11 weeks until Christmas. There are already Christmas goods for sale in the shops.Unbelievable!! There is Halloween before then and bonfire night……..oooohhh that reminds me I must get a pumpkin to carve out. We are going to decorate the boat and get in the “spirit” of things…….get that…”spirit”….halloween…….oh never mind.

Roy has had man flu……….I am not saying anymore…….I am sure all you women out there sympathise with me!! Nurse Clare though has been on duty though ( that’s me by the way) 🙂 I hope it is reciprocated when I catch it.

Apparently it is going to be windy this weekend…….hope not as we are planning to get out on the boat. Last time we went out it was a little windy when I came back in the marina to our mooring spot…….put it this way, if the neighbours were asleep, I soon woke them up with a bump!! It was Roy driving……..not me!!! Ha ha Roy. Actually I cannot tell a lie it was me. Little embarrassing but never mind 🙂



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