Just the job!

Trip to John Lewis today and I was amazed at this little item that I found. It is called an i-plunger. It is basically a little plunger that sticks to the back of an i-phone so you can then prop the i-phone up……..useless and waste of money I thought………

I put it against a mug so you could see how tiny it is:



Anyway, useless as it may be for an i-phone it was “just the job” for what I needed. In the mornings after the windows have been closed all night I can’t get some of the porthole windows to open as they are stuck against the seal of the frame in a kind of vacuum and I have to try to prise them open. I even used the edge of a fork to lift them, but also nearly broke the glass doing so………anyway I said to Roy I could do with something that sort of sticks on the window like a suction cup and pulls it away from the frame……….

So as useless as I think it is for an i-phone and think it ought to be re-named as the narrowboat port-hole plunger!!! What do you think?

Caution though: NOT TO BE USED IN TOILETS!!!

narrowboat port-hole plunger

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