Well what a day today has been. Boxes galore everywhere and the packing has begun. Roy has packed the boxes and I have gone around the house cleaning each room. It took me 3 hours just to thoroughly clean the lounge and dining room. Cushions all plumped and skirtings all cleaned, you name it, I did it. This is in preparation for the new owners of the house. It looked beautiful when I had finished. All the pictures has been taken off the wall which had made it look really homely but the house still looked really nice. It was a really strange feeling and I did have a few worrying thoughts going through my mind thinking I hope we have done the right thing as the house looked so beautiful but as soon as I got back to the boat any doubts soon disappeared. Met an old friend today who said how well and how much happier I looked so that just goes to show that boat life agrees with me.

Looks like a car boot sale is on the agenda and the favourite items we had are now on e-bay. Everything has to go. I have to admit it feels good de-cluttering everything. Life becomes so much simpler. Gives you the chance to focus on things that really matter.

Going bed now because I am shattered!

By the way the port-hole plunger is fab………really does the job 🙂

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