All fired up!

Yesterday was very rainy for most of the day but that did not dampen our spirits. Roy took a day off work and so in the afternoon we decided for the first time in months to light the back cabin stove and go sit in there to read our books. Wish (the dog) of course decided to join us and lay right between us! It was so cosy in there and when it stopped raining we opened the back cabin doors and it was just so relaxing. It was so cold outside but really warm and cosy in the boat. I really can’t tell you (although I am trying) how “perfect” things just seemed. Beautiful view out of the marina, cuddling up with Roy, well trying to as Wish kept pushing in, and just relaxing reading. Ahhhhh bliss. I think we stayed in there for at least 3 hours and the stove in the back cabin was still warm when we went to bed.

Today though the sun is shining and the windows, doors, hatches and houdinis are all open. Just feels like I am out in the open.

Wish is malting quite bad at the moment and it has been great to have the time to brush her every day. She is loving it being pampered so much.  She sits there with her eyes closed whilst she is being brushed. Truly spoilt! She is well worth it though as she has to be the most loyal dog I know. She is never more than 1 metre away from me. I have a really good bond with her. We are very lucky to have her.

Well the bed clothes are being washed as I type, all boat work (housework) is done and I am just sitting here with my cup of coffee relaxing. Spaghetti Carbonara is on the agenda for tea tonight. I am still enjoying the cooking, so is Roy ( that makes a change). I was never the best cook but it is certainly great to make fresh meals from scratch. I am being a total domestic goddess!!

Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

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