Well tonight has been a little sad as the last of my paintings have now been sold. It was called “Eternity” and it was a painting of two figures running along an endless piano keyboard. It was such a special painting as Roy and I met through our love of music and when he wrote cards to me and letters he always used to say that he would love me now until eternity. You can imagine my face when he bought me the painting, it really touched me. It has gone to a lovely family though which I am pleased about as it meant so much to me.

Everything else from the house has been sold on e bay or privately,which is excellent as we have now been given a completion date for the house sale, 1st November, so just 1 week left. The house is looking amazing still. Roy has been clearing everything out and I have been doing the cleaning. It looks all ready just to move into.

Today the weather has been gorgeous. I sat outside the boat this afternoon with my neighbour Ann, oh and Wish. All 3 of us sat on the bench overlooking the marina.

A Dog's Life

A Dog’s Life

Wish relaxing

Wish relaxing

Took a book and a bottle of wine which we shared between us and in no time we both had the giggles! We were watching a heron fishing. It was so relaxing.

Relaxing view

Relaxing view

Someone actually said what a good life I had, sitting there in the sun, glass of wine and just relaxing and giggling. It doesn’t get much better than that !

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