Waiting patiently…..trying to…

Well tomorrow will be 1 week since we completed on the house and the only movement Foxglove has had is from her blowing in the wind. Tomorrow will finally be the day we get to go out. Hooray!! I have waited very patiently….well sort of 😉

Roy has had lots to do this week as he has moved offices and had lots of “technical stuff” as I call it to set up, so that has had to take priority. So with not going anywhere I haven’t written much as I have just been doing my own thing, cooking, reading, chatting, cups of coffees out etc etc.

Started to make some really nice friends at the marina which is great. Starting to get out a bit which is good compared to what I used to be like. When it has been just work, more work, home, cook, clean, bed then the same thing the next day our social life went out the window years ago, it is only through having the boat that made us get out more and meet new people and now it is great. Roy says I am making up for lost time cause I don’t shut up once I start chatting.

Well first thing in the morning we will be off and I can’t wait. Bought enough food in to last for at least a week without going shopping in between, fingers crossed, and I have also bought all the ingredients to make a pineapple upside down cake. Quite excited about making this as I haven’t eaten this kind of cake since I was in my early teens. I actually found the recipe in a book I have just finished reading where the girl used to bake this cake and they actually gave the recipe to it in the back of the book. If it works out good I will let you all have the recipe and perhaps even a photo. If it goes a complete disaster there will be no photo!

Going to be cooking that spaghetti bolognese again that I tried a few weeks ago, the one where you use white wine and milk in it which I thought was strange but it was absolutely delicious.

Not sure where we are going yet, it is either left out of the marina where upon there will be double locks or right out of the marina where there is only single locks. I guess we will decide when we are leaving in the morning. Either way it will be nice to get out on the canals for a while and I am sure Wish will be pleased to discover new dog walking territory. Hopefully I will be able to get the camera out…….I will try not to take too many photos of Wish, Roy said I will bore everyone with photos of her!! She just makes me laugh and I cannot resist, plus when someone tells me not to do something I normally go totally the opposite way. Roy knows this and sometimes he tries reverse psychology on me which I know when he is doing this and I tell him so then he tries reverse, reverse psychology but then it just gets very confusing!

OMG Roy has just arrived back at the boat and said people have already got Christmas trees up at the marina! I still have my pumpkins out! I have heard it gets like Blackpool illuminations here at Christmas. I will be taking part! Ha ha 🙂

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