Good to get out.

Last night I kept waking up as I was so excited that we were going out today, finally after all the house sale etc etc. Woke up at 4am thinking only 3 hours to go as we had planned to get up at 7 so we could be off early. Woke up at 6am, 1 hour to go…………couldn’t wait……… then OMG I woke up at 8.30 am. Best laid plans and all that!!!

Anyway, after the initial shock after waking up so late, Roy took Wish out for her morning wee whilst I cooked breakfast. All the normal checks were done before we could go and a fire was lit in the boatmans cabin ready for our travels as there was a bit of chill in the air today. We also had to nip over to the shop to sort out our post as redirection has now started……………..then finally………..11 am…………we were off!!! Yay!!

I took Foxglove out of her mooring spot, perfectly may I add, one for the girls!! Waved to a few passers-by then we came to the marina exit, decision time, left or right…………..left it was. Double locks!

After 20 minutes or so there was a little spit, spot of rain but nothing too drastic. It was so nice to get out onto the canals. Then I had a realisation………….yes I have a few of these……….anyway, I realised this was the first time we were taking Foxglove out as our permanent home, the house all sold, this really was it, this was real………..our home was on the move. It felt good 🙂

Stenson Lock

Stenson Lock

Arrived at Stenson Lock and it started to drizzle a bit and just as we were going to go into the lock another boat came in with us, this made it so much easier as we didn’t have to tie up. Had a nice chat with the man on the tiller who had just sold his house, him and his wife had give up work and they had just bought their boat from Overwater Marina. The rain certainly didn’t dampen their spirits. It was the first double lock they had ever encountered. They were enjoying every minute of their new lives. He asked if we lived aboard or if we were just out for the weekend and of course it was the first time I was able to say that we were permanent liveaboards. I still get excited over the fact that we have actually done this. Finally this weekend is what it has all been about, living aboard and travelling out on the canals.

The rain turned from a spit spot, to drizzle to a heavy downpour by which time we had moored up by the Ragley Boat Stop for lunch. We only moored outside as I cooked lunch, roast chicken and salad sandwiches and the all important crisps. Sandwiches are never the same without crisps.

Had a relaxing afternoon by watching a film and then I made a start on the Bolognese that we would be having for tea. It has just finished cooking in the oven after 2 hours simmering away………..I am getting hungry and it smells divine.

We both went and read our book for an hour or so late this afternoon in the boatmans cabin as it was still warm in there. It went dark very early and as we were sitting there, actually I was a bit horizontal as I was nodding off, another boat arrived in the dark, it looked very enchanting with all its lights lit amongst the darkness. The gentleman came and knocked on our boat and said hello. He let us into a little secret that everyone will now know………..the middle bollard outside the Ragley Boat Stop has free electric!! Apparently it has been that way for about 7 years as people keep putting electric cards in the post not knowing there is already electric on there. Handy to know if we were moored there for a few days, but with the  ‘nuclear power station ‘in our engine room we can give it a miss for 1 night. Roy just explained what we have in there, so many Kilo watts, ampage or something or another.

…………I just know we have lights and power and that I am o.k with 😉

Well I am going to retire to the  dining quarters……………and enjoy my spag bol.

We will aim to get up earlier in the morning
and hopefully take some photos. Pineapple
upside down cake on the agenda for tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Good to get out.

  1. Vicky-Louise says:

    I am enjoying reading about your new life and travels. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  2. Michael Henney says:

    Looks like you are enjoying your first voyage of many in your new travelling home!

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