Well my flapjacks must have very successful as they have all gone. Sat out at our new front cratch table with a cup of tea and in no time all the flapjacks went one by one shared between the neighbours. They are all still alive & kicking so they must have been ok.

image  image

Whilst I was busy baking and being a usual domestic Goddess Roy had a big sort out in the boatmans cabin so everything was in order ready for our travels. All wood washed down, brass all polished, coal and kindling stocked up. He did a fab job.


Even the engine got a polish up!

Wish had a visit from her furry friend, Billy the cat. She goes mad whenever I say to her “where’s Billy?”image I had to chase the cat away in the end cause it kept trying to get in the boat. Not sure how a Wish would have reacted to that as she is very protective to anyone/ or animal coming on the boat. I wasn’t going to take the risk.

imageIt has been a lovely weekend and the weather has remained dry. Snow flurries are on the way on Tuesday apparently and we are going into -3 degrees at night. Hopefully we will be on our travels and arrive at our new moorings before any freezing canals stop us in our tracks. We are all prepared, boat stocked up and uncluttered of all unneccessary items. Liking the simpler, clutter free life 🙂

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2 Responses to Success

  1. Christine says:

    HI Clare & Roy
    The photos of the boat look fab and she looks fab too!
    So where are you going? or is it still a secret?
    have a great journey wherever you are heading!!
    Hugs Christine

    • Hi Christine,
      Lovely to hear from you. Not really a secret where we are heading to…..just keeps people reading 😉 France would be nice but not yet, that would be my ultimate dream to go there by narrowboat. Need Roy finish work first, I am working on him! Would love to come see you one day. Can you teach me to crochet? Think it will be a good hobby if if can learn easily enough. Keep in touch. Xxxxxx

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