To do list :-)

Spent most of Friday running here, there and everywhere with Roy & Wish. We had a list mile long of things to do. One of the important things we had to do was to get a new button fender for Foxglove. Since the boat was painted back in May the front fender has wedged itself on an angle and every time we go in a lock the fender just swings to one side and scratches the boat. Now we can’t have that can we? We have tried all sorts of things to pound it back in place but to no avail so we have bought a new one, slightly different from the last one though. Fingers crossed this one will work. Roy thought he would practice some Russian dancing to embed it into place. He is so not funny!image

imageWe emptied all the front cratch area today and gave everywhere a good clean and finally Roy has finished varnishing and putting the new front cratch table up. This will be handy to use when sitting at the front for cups of tea etc and the all important piece of cake 🙂

Ticking the list off slowly we have just a few jobs left to do tomorrow, luckily they are all in the boatmans cabin so I am sure Roy will be disappearing for a few hours in there tomorrow whilst I cook dinner and bake some flapjacks.

imageBoth gas bottles have been changed today also which is good, otherwise another baking disaster would have been on the agenda for tomorrow. image

Another item was ticked off the list and that was to find a new mooring. A new mooring you may ask? Yes you have read correct. We will be on the move soon. One good thing is that we have no packing to do, our home moves with us. We will arrive at our new destination 1st December. New moorings in our new home ready for our new plans in the New Year. All exciting 🙂

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2 Responses to To do list :-)

  1. Michael Henney says:

    Where are you moving to? Or is it still a secret??

    • Hiya Michael, we will be not too far from you. Come visit us before we leave as it is lovely here at Mercia Marina, you can help Roy decorate the boat for Christmas!! Xxxx

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