Blog Makeover

I have been trying so many recipes out, much to Roy’s delight 😉 and also found reading a good way of relaxing, that I thought I would share my recipes and books with you.

I know this is perhaps stating the obvious but you will find new tabs at the top of the screen which I will update whenever I find a new recipe or book I like.

There are also new links at the side of the screen with blogs I follow on a daily basis and also useful links that we browse quite a lot.

Roy has just said I do not need to tell people where the tabs are etc as they can see what I have done…………however viewing on a mobile is totally different from on a PC, plus I am doing the blogging so I can waffle as much as I like 🙂

It is sometimes difficult to write each day when you aren’t traveling all the time and that is a shame as I love writing, or typing as it is now a days, so this will give me a new hobby to do………..don’t expect your meals on the table every night now Roy……….I might get so engrossed in all of this blogging there may be no stopping me now!!I

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