Marks & Spencers v Domestic Goddess (that’s me by the way)

Use your imagination now here folks………I am sure you have all the seen the M&S advert for food with the seductive voice over and the romantic music etc etc, blah, blah blah……….well imagine this……



The music is playing………my seductive voice ( ermmmm cough cough!)….
and then the food is revealed…….

This is no ordinary cottage pie this is Clare’s’ the Domestic Goddess, Cottage Pie!
Is it working???…
Oh well I did try 😉



Well as you can see I spent a few hours in the kitchen today making this cottage pie which tasted absolutely gorgeous. On sale in a marina near you!

Go to my recipe section to see how it was made.

imageThis afternoon I spent reading my latest book with a glass of wine and a bowl crisps.

All in all a good day 🙂

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10 Responses to Marks & Spencers v Domestic Goddess (that’s me by the way)

  1. The four film freaks says:

    We could smell it all the way down the pontoon. Would it be as tasty in Germany???

  2. Hi, Im a new reader but totally hooked. Just wanted to say I love the blog and can’t stop reading it – it’s really inspriational, I absolutely love your boat , the interior is fab. Love how it doesn’t necessarily look like a boat inside? But more like a house if that makes sense? The living room and table etc is just fantastic! Oh and yes, the kitchen tiles are tasteful 😉

    We’ve been fitting out for two years now and always making changes here and there so the blog is usually about that! You’ll be a firm read for me from now on. Keep posting pictures of your interior though and the changes you’re making – I much prefer a blog like that to just reading about someones travels up and down a canal! I think that’s what’s got me so addicted about your blog 😉

    Have a good one! We’re not that far from you actually and if you’re leaving the marina, depending on which way you’re headed, we may be even closer!

    • Hi Guys,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. I have just been reading yours. Your boat is gorgeous. You have done an amazing job. Seems that you are a bit of chef……homemade ice cream and breakfast muffins! Wow! I have a lot of catching up to do. I am only just getting back into cooking/ baking as I have not had the time or motivation for a few years. Whereabouts are you moored? We are heading in the direction of Fradley Junction. Would love to stop off and say hi. I know what I will be doing now for the rest of the day…..reading your blog! Best wishes to both xx Clare xx

  3. If you’re getting into baking/cooking – check out my other site:

    We’re on the Macclesfield canal on a farm end mooring in Higher Poynton, not sure where Fradley Junction is – heard of it though? Will have to look it up!

    • Oh my goodness, your websites are fantastic. Make me want get baking straight away. That’s what I just need a bit of motivation. Which one of you is the chef? Lewis or Pav? New best friend! Ha ha xx

  4. Lewis says:

    Hi, it’s me, Lewis that does the baking/cooking. New best friend indeed. And we share a joiner?! Rob! Ha small world!

  5. Lewis says:

    I’m losing track of where we’re both leaving comments! Lol . good taste indeed 😉 i think you said in one comment you were heading closer to us??probsbly better if we can email I suppose – not sure how to give you my email without it being published though!? Argh. Unless you leave me your email in a comment in my blog – the boat blog – no comments get published until I’ve authorised it so it won’t go public? Let me know!

  6. Hi Lewis, I have sent you an e mail. Yes I am getting lost to I have left comments all over the place. I keep reading your blog. Totally hooked. Not getting anything done. Lol xx

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