pic11aRoy has come home tonight after a visit to B & Q. I think he has just bought the next set of lights for Blackpool Illuminations! Apparently Mr. Exterior Designer is going for a white theme! He has bought lots and lots and lots of lights for the outside of the boat and an illuminated Christmas tree! I think I best go buy another electric card ready for the weekend!

One light fixing he has bought and already put up tonight is a sensor light for when you come in the boat. He has wired it all up…… didn’t work……then he realised it only comes on when it is dark and as he had a light on at the time of course it wouldn’t light up!  He didn’t realise this until after taking it apart and checking the wiring.

Anyway, light number one is up and running. Just the other 1000 to go up at the weekend.

Today has stayed dry and so this afternoon I went off on my bike with Wish running along the side of me. I nearly fell off 3 times because Wish kept stopping to wait for me and then didn’t move out of my way. We soon got the hang of it together though and when I saw her stop I just shouted “go,go,go” and off she went.

Shopping all done today, bought a Christmas cake for tomorrow as some of the friends from Mercia Marina are coming over for the day. We are planning on going Trentham Gardens. The weather has promised to stay nice, so fingers crossed as I am sure lots of shopping is going to be done tomorrow. Oh and I must remember go in the Yankee candle shop to replace the candle I broke by bumping into the lock last weekend.

I think we may need an extra car tomorrow, 4 women & Rob, lots of shops= 1 long day, lots of money spent and probably one gob smacked man wondering how he is going to get everything back home!

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2 Responses to Illuminating

  1. Jo says:

    Oh wow that is amazing, I cannot wait to see the rest. I hope there is a prize for the best dressed boat. xx

    • Hi Jo, you have made me laugh. It is Bkackpool Tower all lit up, Roy is clever with his IT skills to import the photo by our boat. He even did the reflection! He is clever but don’t tell him xxx

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