Chatty Woman

Well everyone has heard of Alan Carr, chatty man well there is now the female version, Clare Henney, chatty woman ( that’s me by the way).

I used to be so quiet, I think I am making up for lost time.

blahThe reason I say this is because I took Wish out for a walk this morning and saw Elly from NB Parisien Star. We have been following their blog for over a year, so it was lovely to meet her properly today. She invited me in, oh and Wish, for coffee, coffee for me that is, not the dog! Got a full tour of the boat which was beautiful. It’s amazing when you have been reading someone’s blog for so long and seen their boat in and out on photos, that when you see it in “real life” it is just quite amazing. Its like seeing photos of famous places, for example, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and then seeing it for real……it’s very exciting. Did I explain that well? I know I waffle but I was trying to explain how it felt!

Well after having a lovely chat with Elly I headed back to the boat and saw lots of other boaters I knew from last time we were at Aston. It was lovely to catch up. My walk with Wish ended up me being out for 2.5 hours! I was chatting for most of the time I don’t know where the time went.

Its nice though to actually have the time to stop and chat. Beats rushing around from place to place trying to do a million things at once.

Anyway, the chatting continued tonight as we took a trip back to Mercia Marina to collect my car. I had bought a plant for each of the friends I had made there and so I gave a knock on all their doors to say a quick hello. So lovely to see everyone again and Cherrie had made another chocolate cake which we took back with us. Absolutely yummy! Thanks Cherrie. Oh and your boat looked fantastic!!  Tell Frank you are getting a 10ft tree on Wednesday!!

TV still not working tonight so I guess a bit more chatting is on the agenda! Lucky Roy!

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