Lights, camera, action!

xmaslightsWell if you turn the title of the blog around it will be more suited to:

Action: Roy getting busy on the roof of the boat putting the lights on and a bit of drilling for wiring etc!!

Lights: he had just finished putting the Christmas lights up as the sun was setting

Camera: then it was that all important time to get the camera out to capture the memories.

Foxglove is starting to look very festive. It is going to be great spending our first live aboard Christmas on the boat.

photo 1a

This weekend has just flown by. Roy has had Friday off work also so we have had a nice, long weekend together.

After going Trentham Gardens with the Mercia girls on Wednesday I decided to take Roy to show him what he had missed out on! Ha ha. Only joking, we decided to go there just to get some simple decorations for inside the boat for Christmas oh and to get this shopping trolley to help me carry all the food from the car to the boat and a new butter dish that I had my eye on the other day.

Roy is refusing to use the shopper trolley, I think something like I don’t want to look like Roy from Roy’s Rolls off Coronation street came in the conversation. Me…..on the other hand……I don’t care. Carrying a ton of shopping from the car to the boat or making several trips back and forth wasn’t going to be doing my back any good so the answer was a trolley! I love it!

trolley dollyUsed the trolley already when we went to the farmers market at Stone yesterday… although Roy made me leave it in the car when we went around the shops and market and we only used it when we got back to the marina to take it all to the boat! I will get a photo of him pushing the trolley, believe me…. just a little time… Push your trolley with pride!!

We bought 2 buffalo burgers from the farmers market, they were huge. They looked very strange but I have to admit tasted really nice. I grilled them with some onions and a really nice side salad with tomatoes. I mention tomatoes cause Roy does not like tomatoes one bit what so ever, but, wait for this…….the salad was so nice with the dressing I had made that he actually ate 2 tomatoes! Amazing! Gob smacked and miracles do happen is probably more appropriate!

Today ( Sunday) has been very busy but a great day. We had invited Mick & Elly off narrowboat Parisien Star for coffee. See their blog by clicking on “blogs we follow”. They are such a lovely couple. It was nice showing them Foxglove as they have only seen photos of it. Wish (the dog) was being her normal over friendly self. She thinks everyone has to make a fuss of her, everyone does though. It was nice they came over as this was the first time Roy had really met them both.

A new couple have just brought their boat into the marina and the lady came round have a look at Foxglove. She is called Clare also. They are very excited about having their first boat. I wonder if they will decide to live on one after a few years of holidays and weekends cruising the canals. That’s what happened with us.

snowI love living on Foxglove permanently. Roy and I have managed to have so much more quality time together and that is great. After all that is what we both wanted, to be enjoying our life together. He finishes work on the 20th December. We really hope the canals don’t freeze as we are hoping to go out cruising for a couple of weeks if possible, or at the very least a few days. All depends on the weather. Time will tell.

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