Ladies that Lunch

Thanks Barbara for our new nickname…………that is what 4 of us ladies did yesterday…….had lunch.

Had a visit back to Mercia Marina and went out with Barbara, Cherrie & Julie. We had a great day together. It was my turn to visit them as they all came to see me last week.

Cherrie had made us all Madera Cake ……..Roy & I ate that last night…….not all of it though, although I have just finished the last of it off today with a cup of coffee! It was delicious!!

We all had a good chat around the table in Julies boat……….which is now re-names the party boat as you can fit so many people inside her boat you could literally have a disco on there………..anyway, as I was saying, we all sat around the table and I gave them all a manicure. Julie had the French Manicure done, you know the one with the white tips……..they all looked lovely! So all poshed up and ready to go out we all headed off out for lunch.

We always laugh so much when we are out and each one of us are so different we get on really well. I think it brings our naughty side out when we are all having a giggle!! I keep telling them I used to be so good…..I am sure they are corrupting me!! Ha ha. Only kidding girls!

Julie collects pigs and we saw this which would have been great for her boat!! She said she thought the ears were like hers……..I said no, more the nose!!

The insults were flying, bit like those pigs……….image






Why you may ask……….well she thought this little chap looked like me:image

I was killing myself laughing………..I said what are you trying to say, is it the teeth? do my teeth look like that? We were both only joking but we could not stop laughing. I think it was the nice shiny hair that resembled me we both agreed on!! Ha ha.

I think everyone in the Garden Centre heard us but once one of us started laughing we all start.


Meet the muppets: Oops I mean puppets šŸ˜‰image

It was a great day and when I got back home Roy was already there, boat all lit up with Christmas lights, fire on, candles on……… was lovely. Another perfect end to a perfect day.

I am on the boat all day to day busy doing a few jobs. Washing, hoovering……….finishing off the last of that Madera Cake, drinking coffee oh and chatting to my new friend Lewis!

I have never met Lewis before but he contacted me through the blog and he has a blog going , 2 actually ( because he is so good!). Click on the links at the side, NB One thing after another and The Narrowboat Baker. We have been keeping in contact via e-mail and messaging. He is like the male version of me and we have so much in common it is untrue. I feel if I ask him something I already know the answer!! Anyway, he is a lovely guy and can’t wait to meet him over Christmas! Roy has dropped a hint… you make a good cheesecake?!

Lewis is the one who has inspired me to do a bit more cooking. I have still not made that bread yet……….I was going to do it on Sunday but we had visitors and so it just didn’t get done………..excuses I know……….I just feel a need a day free to do it so I can concentrate on baking it and tidying up the mess after me! That part might take the longest.

Well it is only 3.15 here at and it is starting to go a bit cold and a bit dull outside. Luckily for me the fire is on and I am happy enough staying put.

Look out for some videos to come as Roy is getting back into his video editing. He is very good at. It is like going to the movies, music, titles, outtakes, everything!

Can I let you all into a little secret for those who still have not spotted it……….

Remember this photo?pic11a

It is not real.

It is a photo of Blackpool Tower all lit up and Roy did his magic with a photo of Foxglove, darkened it, added the reflection andĀ EH PRESTO! That is what he got.



Before any of you ask……..this picture isn’t real either!!snow

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