Springing !!

Staffs & WorcsInteresting word that,  Springing, probably doesn’t exist, but it has taken me ages to think of a title for tonight’s blog as it has been sooooo long since I have written and it is now middle of Spring………….so not really the best of titles but I guess I am “springing” back into action as we left the marina today and are now out on Foxglove for a few weeks. This will be the longest time we have cruised on the boat ever since we started boating almost 5 years ago, so I wanted to capture every moment. I just love this saying:

” In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.”

Cows This moment certainly took my breath away………….The smell from the cows was horrendous in the hot sun………….I guess that is why they were taking a dip!!   knittingAlready there were so many of those captivating moments today, it is just wonderful to be back out on the canals. We have moved marinas 3 times in the last 6 months and I guess it is because we just have not settled in one place. It is a good job we are on a boat!!………….Even though we have been based at a marina we have still ventured out every weekend when possible because it is just great to be out on the canals even if only a few hours away because the view changes all the times. radnorradnorThere was a great cloud of smoke coming out of one of the locks today…………..I was waiting with anticipation to see what was coming out. It was Steam Narrowboat Radnor. I was so engrossed taking pics as he went past and blew his horn for me that I left my boat in gear and almost hit a bridge as I turned around. Roy’s face was a picture!!! We have moored in Teddesley tonight and I could not believe that the last time we cruised this way was at Christmas. Everywhere looks so different. No mud for start offs!!! Everywhere you look is just luscious green…… People’s gardens are looking stunning and with the sun shining it was a fabulous start to our cruise. IMG_1435xIMG_1429xGreat surprise where we are moored tonight as there are another 2 boats moored up who were also built by Roger Fuller. I have actually got to meet Mr.Fuller a few times over the past few weeks…..He is a Genius!!! All of the boats I have seen that he has made are beautiful. We have even made friends with one of the owners, “Hi Steve” if you are watching……he is on NB Josiah. Gorgeous boat!!! (Even without a girly button J ) Teddesley   Well I won’t bore everyone with too much writing………….let the photos speak for themselves.

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10 Responses to Springing !!

  1. Marian & Mike says:

    Good to see you blogging again 🙂
    We’re still on schedule for our autumn repaint with the beauty of Foxglove constant in our mind’s eye.
    Happy boating

    • Hi both, Lovely to meet you two on the canal that day. Can’t wait to see the photos of your boat being repainted. I bet you are excited. It is 1 year now since Foxglove was done…..she still looks good. Sally will do you proud!! Xxx

  2. Robert Artt says:

    Looks Great Claire Have a lovely day today. Jules n Rob x Date: Sat, 17 May 2014 21:02:43 +0000 To: rob.artt@hotmail.co.uk

  3. Jo says:

    Welcome back Clare. So lovely to be able to see you photographs. Nice to see Josiah has a new owner. We knew the old owners and as you probably know she is another Roger boat.
    We are not moving this year due to the fact that Keith was very poorly at the start of the year, so we are in Warwick for this year on our new mooring.
    Have a wonderful cruising time. xxxxxxxx

    • Hi Jo, Lovely to hear from you. The last pic on the blog managed to get all 3 of his boats in, Josiah, Millicent Annie and ours. Roger is a genius of a man and he has been very helpful to us over the past few weeks since we met him. He even cruised Foxglove down to Stone with us, he loves the boat. We admired his passion and enthusiasm.
      I still follow your blog and I am so glad Keith is on the mend and I hope you are doing ok also……I know it was very hard on you. You are like Roy & I, he is my rock and I don’t know what I would do without him.
      Love to both

  4. jan and ang says:

    Hi you two great pics you look so happy isn”t it great to have such good memories of days like this last week love ,jan and ang xxx

    • Yes it is, can’t wait until we are both out together on the boats. Miss you lots. Hope you keeping Angus on his best behaviour!! Tell him he missed out on another bottle yesterday of that Prosecco we had at the Chinese. Roy had some……wasn’t long before his headache started!
      Love you lots xxxxxx

  5. Sam says:

    Folks – Thanks for taking a picture and posting it of “Radnor”; my apologies for causing a near incident . Foxglove looks fantastic; my major concern was sending soot and ash over her paintwork.

    Good to see a Fuller boat or two on such a nice day also….the Fuller’s lifted Radnor’s new boiler (and the old one out) during winter 12/13; their massive crane doing some delicate work – we had 1/2 an inch to spare as the boiler went into the engine room – they are good at boats too .

    The day we met was really superb – an nice gentle steaming, solo other than my wife and daugther sunning themselves and playing with the occasional lockgate……. I even got to and from Midland Chandlers without my wallet suffering collateral damage.

    You have reminded me I need to do something to my blog – not updated for ages.

    For any steam nuts – Radnor may be going down to Coventry for a steam rally in the basin June 21/22. I am sure steam boats Hasty and Adamant will be there plus others.

    Hope to see you and Foxglove again sometime, Radnor mooring is at Stafford Boat Club

    Sam SNB Radnor

    • Hi Sam,
      What a lovely message. Radnor is a fantastic looking and sounding boat. Thanks for taking the time to write and hopefully we will “bump” into you again!
      Best wishes

      Clare & Roy…. Oh and Wish!

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