The Crack of dawn.

LifeI don’t think Roy was that impressed with me this morning when
I announced what time it was…

guess”  I said…
7.30 am”  he replied…
nope,  5.30 am!”  I announced.

I was wide awake and the sun was shining through the windows as I had not put any bungs in them. All I got back from grumpy was ….

” Why are you talking to me at this time of the night?”…
Cause I am awake!”

What a silly question… anyway, he turned over and started, or should I say continued snoring like a bloody warthog. Couldn’t get back to sleep so I just lay there thinking, I must have been thinking really hard it wore me out as I then woke up at 9.30 – Whoops!!

Quick shower, breakfast and then Roy “blinged” up the boat ( Mr.Fuller would be proud!) and we were off.

IMG_1481Roy took the boat and Wish & I headed off along the towpath with camera in hand… quick trip back as I hadn’t put the memory card in the camera!! Good start.  Anyway, off we went again and it was beautiful today. It was very sunny but there was a nice breeze.

IMG_1476Wish got the shock of her life when she went up to a dog who was Wishfast asleep at the side of a boat… was another collie dog. She was sniffing its backside (like dogs do) which is unusual for Wish as she normally keeps away from dogs… I think she thought it was dead…. anyway she was there for a few seconds and then the dog suddenly raised its head and Wish jumped a mile and ran off. Now that is more like the Wish I know.

locks of themlocks of themAs Roy came up to each lock we swapped over and I took Foxglove through each lock whilst Roy opened them and off Wish & I went again walking.

So glad I had my camera on me as we passed Graham & Evelyn Booth on NB Rome. First time we have seen them out on the canals with their boat. It was a wonderful surprise. I am sure she was pleased to see some of the “bling” we bought from her on the boat. Evelyn & Graham BoothFor those who don’t know Evelyn she owns Lockside Antiques. We bought quite a number of items that we have cherished when we first bought Foxglove to get the boatman’s cabin looking very traditional. Lovely to see you both again. One of her sayings that I always thought was really funny was… “It’s as rare as rocking horse shit”. Always stuck with me that has and makes me laugh.

IMG_1465 IMG_1446 IMG_1447Well I am sure we were the fishermen’s favourite friends today ( NOT). Roy cruising pass them on the boat whilst I was walking past them on the towpath. They didn’t know which way shove their pole……although I am sure they had a few ideas!! I always try to get a conversation out of them as most of them are very hard work and don’t say too much, mainly just get a grunt if you are lucky but I succeeded and everyone said hello!! Mission accomplished.

IMG_1486New BoatYou can meet someone interesting boats along the way. This chap had just bought a 40 year old boat with a Lister Engine. I am sure he will have lots of fun doing it up like we have. His two dogs were very photogenic.


locks of themAll 8 locks done today and we have come through Gailey lock and stopped for an ice cream. I always have a disaster with ice creams on the boat……….mainly because we always buy them when we are at a lock. Half of it had melted by the time we came through the lock and dropped on the floor. Done this before. Once I got in such a mess I knocked my sunglasses in at the lock, got the ice cream all over my hands…..can’t take me anywhere!

IMG_1461Not long after we moored up in a nice shaded spot for the rest of the day. We have decided on this trip as we have a few weeks that we are in no rush so we can do as much or as little as we want.

Well I am going to start my lates
t hobby this afternoon. What ? you might ask. Knitting!

Thanks to my friend Heather who taught me to knit just over a week ago I have found something that I absolutely love doing and it is so relaxing.

bagsSO WRONGLook at all these I made in a few days.

You tube has been good as I learnt to knit the flowers from watching one of the videos and now I have moved on to knitting roses and leaves. CuteThing is though I am knitting so many I am putting them all over the boat much to my amusement and not Roy’s. Little Potiron (the teddy bear) got one, the buckby can has got one ……. Not sure Roy was impressed with me putting it there, I like it though so it is staying. Even little Wishy got one, although by the look on her face she isn’t impressed either! I have got 3 more to place around the boat. Roy will have to find them!! Ha ha

I have a little plaque at the front of the boat:
So True

Poor Roy!!! ( Not)

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4 Responses to The Crack of dawn.

  1. lovetodive17 says:

    Sounds like you had a really good day, weather is fantastic, hope you have lots more fun days. Xx

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Heather, yes it has been glorious again today. This will be you in a few weeks when you get yours. Very excited for you. I have started my throw/ blanket today! I feel like I have had a workout xxxx

  2. jan and ang says:

    Wow Roy that boat looks well blingy im very proud of you cant say the same for ours but one day maybe so glad youre having a good time jan and ang

    • We will help get yours blinged up! Don’t forget you have your pole and the brass holders for it…..that will look well blingy!!! Think we might be getting bonnets for me and you and waistcoats for Roy and Angus. We will well look the part!!! Xxxx

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