The Calm After The Storm

bridgeWell we were very lucky yesterday because not long after we moored up we had thunderstorms and lightning. It cooled everywhere down which was good. It said on the weather forecast that it was going to rain again today… not a chance. Lovely day again and it was a bit cooler so it was definitely perfect cruising weather. We are always so lucky when we go off cruising as we always seem to get good weather… I hope I have not jinxed us now by saying that!!!

We didn’t set off until after midday today…, not because I was a lazy sod and stayed in bed but because I was knitting. I have absolutely loved knitting this blanket that I started Sunday night and just couldn’t put it down. I was knitting until late last night and straight after breakfast today…  I was on a mission…Mission completed just turned midday today:


blanketI am so pleased with it, especially because it isn’t even 2 weeks since Heather showed me how to knit.

It is the first pattern I have followed as it has a border all the way around. There is a bit of wool left so I am going to make some kind of decoration on it, not sure yet whether to put tassels on it or to make some flowers. That is the fun part; it can be whatever I want it to be.

I think I might make another throw, this time for the bedroom. I must try taking my time with the next one. Perhaps I could start a business from the boat, knitted bags, throws, blankets…………..oh and I mustn’t forget “Willy Warmers!!”. Already had a request for one of these from one of my friends……….Yes you know who you are 😉 I need to find elasticated wool though!! Perhaps even bigger knitting needles???!!

Phoebeaqueductphyllis may


Well the one thing that was very memorable today was that the dog did a runner!!! Unbelievable!!  I moored up at Wheaton Aston and waited whilst another boat went down the lock, Roy stood waiting at the lock with the dog (Wish) and when the boat left the lock I just think Wish thought it was me leaving the lock and off she went running along the canal. Who said collies are intelligent??  Me being the “lady” that I am stuck 2 fingers in my mouth and whistled so loud at least 10 times … luckily she heard eventually, after I set every dog off along the canal barking because of my whistling. She came running back to me with her ears down with a panic look on her face. She has not left my side since. She gave me a scare and herself as well when she couldn’t find us.

dirty bikeLots of greenery everywhere today, it is like an enchanted forest as we have come through Brewood and Gnosall.
It was very muddy along the way. I was surprised to see a man riding his bike through the thick mud … it got so bad though he got off his bike and gave the wheels a dunk in the canal.


Mooring at GnosallMoored up at 5.30 today. It has been a very peaceful day. Moored up beneath the trees and listening to the birds tweeting……….oh and one annoying pigeon!

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5 Responses to The Calm After The Storm

  1. lovetodive17 says:

    Lovely blanket. Glad you got Wish back ok. Xx

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks Heather. I would never have been able to do it unless you had showed me that day. Thank you sooooo much. Hope you are still quilting. Looking forward seeing you soon xxxx

  2. jan and ang says:

    Well i know them needles were big but thats quick knitting looks fab glad the weathers holding out not that good here , and wish would always find you jan xxxxx

    • Hiya Janet, rained here again tonight. Dry whilst we are cruising, let’s hope it stays dry for the Audlem locks! If not we will be drenched by the end. 15 to do…. Ask Angus if he wants to make use of his “lock labourer” badge for the day! Only joking. Love you both lots xxxxxxx

  3. Robert Artt says:

    Hiya Clare, Looks like you are all having a great time! Try not to lose the dog too many times lol Blanket looks very nice and colourful. Have a good day tomorrow. Love Jules and Rob x

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