Another Hot One!

No I am not relating the title to my husband as I am talking about the weather.

gaileynarrowI have a nose that looks like Rudolph, bright red, not because of the drink, but because it is sunburnt!!  Janet if you are reading… I know what you are thinking I only got through 1 bottle so far 😉

crashMany boats out today and there was almost a crash at one point… I can’t stop laughing about it, although I know I shouldn’t, but Roy was driving (me) round the bend, one boat behind, one coming at him and another decided to leave its mooring spot so that we had 2 boats coming at us… anyway, in front of all that chaos, which Roy just managed to manoeuvre through, there was a trip boat boarding lots of OAP’s onto it who were pausing for a photo… this was just after trying to manoeuvre through all these boats… Roy missed the boat by inches… I just had this vision of all these OAPS flying through the air as Roy hit the boat… and what did I do to help you may ask?… Took plenty of pictures just to capture the moment.

too longjunction1junction2It was a tight squeeze through the stop lock at Autherley Junction, so tight that Roy had to lift the fenders off the back of the boat so he could open the lock.

Lovely to bump into Joan & Jim from NB Two Jays……….Joan graciously & patiently posed for me whilst I tried to get my camera into action. Nice to see you both!!

roybadgestwo jays




Time for another icecream, so I popped into the little shop there where I bought a souvenier for Roy & myself and for Janet & Angus.   I  knew Roy would end up with captain… guess what I had? General Dogsbody!!  That sounds about right.

Janet & Angus are going to be left with Lock Labourer & Galley Slave…………I wonder who will have each one???

skull boatI have just heard thunder in the distance and it has started to rain… Never seen Roy move so quick cause he has just gone to the back of the boat to De-Bling it!! There’s a storm brewing.



yellow bridgesmotorway





needlesLook at the size of these…
I am talking about my knitting needles.
I feel like I am having a work out when I am knitting with them. I started to knit a throw for the boatmans cabin and the way I am going I shall have it finshed by tonight, tomorrow at the lastest. It is very addictive.

wishWish has been wearing her rose with pride today, she looks very cute… Roy will be wearing his tomorrow (going to sew one onto his hat without him knowing!!)

Chili Con carne for tea tonight… can’t wait. It is one of my favourite dishes that I make. Bottle of red already opened. Going to be an enjoyable evening!

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2 Responses to Another Hot One!

  1. jan and ang says:

    Hi you two . you made me laugh again dont believe a word about the one bottle ,and ive always been in the servants quarters so galley slave is just me and ang is getting quite good at the locks love jan and ang xx

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