It had to happen!

Well one day it did definitely have to happen… and today was that day…we got rained on!From the moment we moored up yesterday I don’t think it stopped raining most of the night.

chris and antoncrochetHad a lovely surprise last night as we had visitors who are moored at Overwater Marina whom we met last year when Foxglove was being painted. We have kept in touch via the blog, emails and texts for the whole year and finally we got to meet one another last night. Christine is absolutely fabulous at crochet. Just look at this she did in only 5 minutes. I on the other hand got a bit confused trying to crochet. I will get it though. I never give up. It was lovely to meet them both as they have been on their boat now for 10 years! Wow. That will be us one day as I can never imagine going back to live in a house now.

Late start to the morning today and guess what……..Roy blew a fuse!!! Ha ha ha! It wasn’t me this time although apparently it was still my fault cause I had the dishwasher on (which had already been on for 20 minutes) and Roy had been given his daily orders (I aren’t joking) which included hoovering. The inverter has never done this on us before whilst we have been out travelling and the only thing we can think it must be is because we are now using the freezer. So there are a whole lot of electrical things going on.

Nantwichwooden horseLuckily Overwater marina had 2 fuses for us so Roy had a quick walk over whilst I baked some teacakes. I had to make these by hand though and not with my mixer as we had no electric. My goodness it was hard work but I have to admit they have still turned out well if not slightly better than usual.

2 locks today done and then we carried on into new territory. We have never been this far before on the boat.

We even saw the old working boat Foxglove, unfortunately because it was raining we didn’t manage to capture a photo of it which was rather disappointing.


Well the sun finally made an appearance this evening and it is gorgeous looking out through the hatches at the moment at 9pm with the sun going down. It is one of those magical moments where you feel really blessed.

We should hopefully make it to Chester tomorrow if we stay on the right canal. If we take a left turn at Hurleston Junction we could head onto the Llangollen canal. I would love to do that but I think we are going to do that later on in the year…..or perhaps if I am at the tiller I might just accidentally (on purpose) head that way. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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2 Responses to It had to happen!

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Clare Roy & Wish
    It was lovely to meet up and spend time with you all.
    Keep on with the crochet Clare, I am sure you will get it and I love your tiller tassel from prvious blog.
    Have a brilliant journey.
    Love Christine & Anton xx

    • Lovely to meet you both also. You are very clever with the crochet! I love the piece you made for me. I have kept it where we put it the other night. Looking forward to September when we will meet again.
      Love to both xxxxx

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