Friendly Fisherman

foxgloveToday has been fantastic. Even though I got soaking wet as the rain didn’t give up for most of the day, it has been fab!!

We had good banter with these fisherman today as we passed them.
Whiskey and sandwiches on the go, the fisherman that is, not us and they were all in good spirits!

fisherman1 fisherman2fisherman3
fisherman4 fisherman5 fisherman6




The Bunbury staircase locks were the highlight of the day. I shared the lock with Tony from NB No Brass. Both of us were going down the first lock and 1 boat was coming up…it was like one of those games where you slide the pieces from side to side, forwards etc. to fit everything into place.Lots of spectators watching and helping out. Great fun!

barbridgebunbury staircaseThe canal was so busy today up to the point where we passed the junction at Barbridge So much to look at today the camera was never put down.

Arrived at Tattenhall late afternoon. Good memories today looking back at the photos.

bunbury sucsylvanian NBllangollenbarbridge congestion



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6 Responses to Friendly Fisherman

  1. jan and ang says:

    Hi i still want to know how you make them smile ?

  2. Robert Artt says:

    Hi Clare

    Glad to see you enjoying your holiday. Plenty of photo’s although I’m not sure if you just taking pics of the anglers poles lol 😉.

    Have a good day.

    Rob n Julie x

  3. Tony Winder says:

    Back home in my wonderful big bed…nice photos…Tony – No Brass

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