chesterWe decided to stay put today and have a wander around Chester.Walked past the dreaded Northgate ‘Scarecase’ Locks. The water was still flowing over the gates in the middle lock as the water levels are still high. Not a boat in sight though. I would have liked to have seen a boat coming down the locks just to see their reaction. If it was anything like mine yesterday it would have been the look of terror!! lots of street performers and buskers around the city. Quite an entertaining walkabout.

sand street artstaircasestaircase

telfords warehouse 2thaiburger (2)

We stopped for a late lunch in Telford’s Warehouse where we had a good view of Foxglove. I had Chicken Thai Noodles, as I wanted to try something different (although I wish I hadn’t!!) and Roy had the hugest burger I have ever seen!! He looked very happy!

It’s been raining today but bring it on as I have now got myself some waterproof trousers. I will be ready for those staircase locks now. On to Ellesmere Port tomorrow. Looking forward to visiting the museum.



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