Niagra Falls

I will get to the tile of the blog in a bit but I need to back track.

Tattenhall MarinaTattenhall MarinaWe spent yesterday at Tattenhall marina where we replenished our food cupboards, did lots of washing, drying, cleaning and the one thing Roy was desperate to do and that is to wash the boat off! How many hours do you think he spent doing this??  5 hours!!!

IMG_2058The reason for this is a great big ball of soot came out of the exhaust chimney to the heating supply and Roy tried to get it up and to cut a long story short it smeared all over the roof cause of the rain and marked all the roof. We have also moored near lots of trees during the past week and this had made a complete mess of the boat, bird poop, the lot!! With a nice slice of pizza inbetween the washing and endless drinks supplied, Roy did a fab job.


Northgate StaircaseNorthgate StaircaseSo that was yesterday and today has been relaxing, interesting and then scary!!! It was like going into the unknown when I entered the triple Northgate Staircase locks. The first part of the lock was fine, It was the second part, the middle of the staircase. The boat was near enough to the cill at the back and the spray coming from the lock gates was….well I guess you could say WET! Roy said I should put my hood on because I might be in for a soaking??? What did he mean? I thought he was kidding when he said it would come over the top of the lock gate … It was like Niagra Falls!!! It was fascinating and scary at the same time.

photo 1We moored up not long after the locks to receive a phone call from Wendy & Phil from NB Top Notch, who we have made friends with a few months ago and got on with so well. photo 3They were just about to have a drink in “Telfords Warehouse” when they saw us moor up so they came and said hello. They are a great couple and have a good sense of humour. They must have a good sense of humour because Wendy let me deface her Prada bag with one of my knitted roses!! Lovely to see you both  W & P. !! Already looking forward to next week.

Lots of photos from today………sit back and enjoy







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4 Responses to Niagra Falls

  1. jan and ang says:

    oh i love the flowers pics are fab xxx

  2. lovetodive17 says:

    Does look a bit scary!

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