Steamy Party!

This week we travelled to Bugsworth Basin on The Peak Forest Canal.

Had fantastic weather on the way up. As usual, as soon as we moored up each day, the heavens opened. We didn’t mind as long as it stayed dry during the day.Peak Forest  Bosley Pound Maintenance

We collected our daughter, Jessica, on the way so she could travel through the Harecastle Tunnel and spend the rest of the day with us. Being collected by narrowboat from her workplace was quite a novelty and we all had a great time.

We had planned to have our Kabola boiler serviced at Bugsworth, little did we know that it was the annual Bugsworth Steam Party – What a bonus!!

Bugsworth Basin  Bugsworth Basin

Bugsworth Steam Party  Bugsworth Steam Party

There were traction engines, vintage cars, historic Narrowboats, shire horses and a fairground organ. It certainly got busy.

Big Organs  Big Horses

We had a great weekend and our friends Angus & Janet also came to visit us.

Also bumped into Martin Fuller who was there with his boat Cutter and then another surprise visitor, Roger & Teresa Fuller came to say hello. Lots of cups of tea, biscuits and chatter not to mention some wine with my “drinking partner” Angus, all made for a very enjoyable weekend.

Martin Fuller  IMG_2777

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Birthday Celebration

photo 3Had a fab time this afternoon and evening with Angus & Janet. Both dogs were behaving very well, pity that couldn’t be said about the men!

As always lots of laughs, mainly laughing at Angus.


photo 2He was modelling his new designer tent, I mean jumper! Cake, wine in beakers and making a spectacle of himself, well actually half a spectacle if you look close enough.

Fab night, fab friends and lots of moments to treasure!

photo 1photo 4

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FAB at 50!!

disney-graphics-winnie-the-pooh-847498Today is our friend’s Birthday.
Let me tell you a bit about this special, funny, inspirational guy!!

Meet Angus!

angus2angus1Weangus met Angus a few years ago whilst boating and since then Angus and his wife Janet have become the most wonderful friends anyone could wish for.

From climbing mount Snowdon to cycling from John O’Groats to Lands’ End, running marathons for charity, there is nothing this man won’t do.

He has always been there to lend a helping 1King Angushand and share our enthusiasm of boating, especially engines, oh and the odd bit of lace 😉

We also share the love of dogs although there is no separating this man and his dog! (Photo to follow and not to be missed!)




One thing though for sure is that every time we meet there are always plenty of laughs.



Happy Birthday Angus!!

Have a fab day with love from Clare, Roy & Wish xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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The Return Journey

IMG_2341   IMG_2336   IMG_2344

We left the River Weaver this morning and what a beautiful day it was. First port of call was the Anderton Boat lift…………..going up! This time we shared the lift with another boat. It was a long way up.  The CRT staff are very friendly. Always willing to pose for photos J or perhaps it’s because I don’t give them a choice.

IMG_2352The weather stayed beautiful all day and we moored up a couple of miles North of Middlewich on a flash, beautiful setting. We happened to moor next to a couple I met back at Great Haywood a couple of months ago on NB Cornish Dreamer. Jackie & Ivan are a lovely couple and Jackie is very talented with knitting and crochet. When I met her a few months ago I bought some crocheted hearts and birds from her and from that moment I wished that I could do something like that.

As you all know I have got to grips with the knitting and I love doing that, but I had not quite got to grips with the crochet. Well after Jackie spent some time with me today I finally got the hang of it and she has taught me how to make some bunting. I have mastered my first triangle so I am very pleased. Love it, love it, love it!!!!Jackie has made some beautiful items and I bought a fantastic tea cosy from her today. Once you learn to crochet or knit the possibilities are endless. My creative mind is in overdrive!!!

Wish & Roy will be my next models for my next creations!! Ha ha

Lasagne and salad for tea tonight and I am going to keep this short as I have a crochet needle waiting for me!!!


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Devil’s Garden to Weston Marsh Lock today.

RIver Weaver  River Weaver  Runcorn

Weston Marsh Lock   Weston Marsh Lock   Weston Marsh Lock

River Weaver   IMG_2627  IMG_2673



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Weaving Its Magic!

Today has been a beautiful day cruising the River Weaver from Vale Royal to Devil’s Garden. Enjoy!

IMG_2463  IMG_2467  IMG_2470

IMG_2473  IMG_2501  IMG_2527

IMG_2546  IMG_2559  IMG_2560

IMG_2564  IMG_2575  IMG_2588

IMG_2612  IMG_2599  IMG_2621

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Breaking the speed limit

weaver 2Off we went today cruising up the River Weaver. Glorious weather again today. So great not having to do the locks. These ones were huge!!

We travelled to the very end of the Weaver, did a u turn and then Roy let rip downstream reaching speeds of up to 30mph (8 really, but I have to let him dream!) .


weaver 1   salt mine 2   photo 5

bridge   wish

We moored at Vale Royal cut where just after tying up we were joined by 1 more boat. We were both lucky as we used the only mooring rings available. So peaceful here this evening.

Dog walked, sitting here relaxing with views out on the river and Roy is cooking again. I must have done something to be good for him to be cooking 2 nights running! Life is good.

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What goes up must come down!!

bramble cutting 2Well the past week has come and gone, Roy has managed to catch up on some work and I have caught up on boaty jobs, what didn’t move got washed, polished, vacuumed, dusted, disinfected etc. etc. Wish kept out of the way just in case she was next on the list.

We were all ready to set out on our next few weeks out. This was going to be the most exciting part as we were heading for the Anderton Boat Lift.

bramble cuttingLast night we stayed in a gorgeous mooring spot called Brambles Cutting. Only room for 2 boats and lots of picnic benches. After a morning travelling in the pouring rain we enjoyed a sunny afternoon, reading, sunbathing and baking. It was all very idyllic. One of those moments you just pinch yourself, it was just perfect.

middlewichbillinge green flash







Well the moment we had been waiting for had finally arrived. 1.45 pm we moored up in the holding area for the boat lift and at 2.15pm we were all aboard for the ride down to the Weaver. Going into the unknown can be quite scary sometimes especially when you are that high up. We had to remove the fenders at the back so the boat would fit in. The engineering that went into the boat lift was extraordinary and there was us, literally floating in mid-air.

Anderton Boat Lift 2  Anderton Boat Lift 3  Anderton Boat Lift 7

Anderton Boat Lift 4  Anderton Boat Lift 6  Anderton Boat Lift 9

As the lift started to descend it started to judder slightly for the first 20 seconds or so which we didn’t expect then it was a smooth drop down. As we were going down, the trip boat was on its way up. So strange, yet amazing to experience something like this. The canal & river trust guy said it was like Oblivion at Alton Towers, but a lot slower!!

Anderton Boat Lift 8  Anderton Boat Lift 10  Anderton Boat Lift 11

Anderton Boat Lift 12  Anderton Boat Lift 13  Anderton Boat Lift 14

As soon as we exited the big trap doors it was like being thrown onto the log flume at Alton Towers, I don’t know about the Oblivion. The gates opened, big clap of thunder, then the heavens opened and it got extremely windy and there was a bolt of lightning . Unbelievable timing!! We didn’t know if that was supposed to be part of the experience or not, or if they arranged the special effects display just for us but it was scary as we entered the River Weaver.

The storm didn’t last for that long and by the time we moored up at Northwich Quay the sun was shining yet again. We will get to do it all again in a few days but in reverse, not literally though.

northwichMoored in a lovely spot, windows and side hatches open, sun shining in, glass of wine and Roy is cooking tea for tonight. Another one of those perfect moments and perhaps a miracle as Roy is cooking!!

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Abandon ship…

Roy has got to see a few clients next week in Staffordshire so unfortunately I have been “abandoned” for a few days so he can catch up on his work.


As we won’t be travelling for a few days I will be blogging again next weekend,
so don’t go away…

normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

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Déjà vu

chesterWell everywhere looked very familiar today as it was the return journey from Chester to Tattenhall. Whole different “ball” game today though… .and I mean that literally. I will get to that bit in a minute. First challenge of the day was the staircase locks that scared me to death on the way down. A totally different experience though on the way up.


passengertop lockWe even picked up a passenger. They had come all the way from New Zealand, so whilst his son was giving Roy a hand with the lock gates I gave his father a little ride through the locks. All the locks were done by lunch time today, so in I went to make a cup of tea.

Stag PArtyballsI came out just in time with the drinks to find a lot of “Stags” on the water. We wondered what on earth they were doing as they threw their lifebuoy into the canal. Had someone fell in? No they had dropped their ball! Who was I to resist helping a group of young lads in distress 🙂 Especially dressed as sailors! Quick reverse of the boat and then Roy did a bit of “pole” dancing , I mean manoeuvring ,then the ball was rescued! What a happy lot of sailors they were!

We found a lovely quiet spot along the canal where we moored for the rest of the day.


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