The Next 2 Years

As the title suggests we spent from November 2009 to September 2012 enjoying “Marpessa 2”. Despite Roy saying he would never paint a narrow boat again, we, and I mean we ( yes I can paint also) decided to renovate parts of the boat. We-painted all the grab rails and the back of the boat as all the red paint had faded and while we were at it we re-painted the roof. We removed all the vinyl lettering and had it painted by a professional sign writer as our talents do not stretch that far!! While Marpessa was in dry dock she was blacked and all the gunwales were painted. She looked a totally diffrerent boat and I spent many hours polishing and waxing her.

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During these 2 years we had passed many boats on the waterways and Roy had always admired the traditional looking boats with the boatmans cabin. They were very nice, but I like our Marpessa, shiny and clean. Yes these 2 words are words I like to use when looking at narrowboats, shiny and clean, especially clean, so this is why I have even shocked myself by what we are about to do next!!

Roy continuted looking at narrowboats which consisted of a boatmans cabin and he even got me looking at them to the point of being obessessed. No contraception has been required this last few months as he has spent nearly every night, in bed might I add with his i-pad looking at narrowboats!!! This brought us to the decision to sell Marpessa. I did not want to sell her as she was beautiful, clean and shiny.

Oh yes I have already said that havent I…..clean and shiny, clean and shiny. Sorry i drfited away there for a few seconds, you will understand why in a short while as the continuos looking led us to this “dirty” boat called Foxglove.

OMG……yes that is right OMG!! I actaully said to Roy at one point I do not want to go and look at the dirty boat. It had been neglected for a year. Anyway, to cut a long story short and to miss a few arguments out, Roy and myself headed down to London to look at Foxglove!!

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