Keys to our new home

6th October 2012. The Big Day! We finally got our keys to Foxglove.

We were so excited. Took me a few minutes to work out how to open the front door as it has 2 triangular panels at the top of the opening that I didn’t realise were on hinges. Anyway, in we went and Roy and I stood looking at each other and gave each other a big hug, I am not sure if that was through happiness or for reassurance thinking, oh my goodness, what have we done and where do we start. The most important thing that needed to be done was to give everywhere a good hoovering and to get rid of the spiders. The people at the marina were very helpful. Peter, who sold us the boat was there with his dog Bella. He helped Roy sort out electricity (Hi Peter, and thank you for everything you have done to help us get this boat). There was also a young guy called Luke who I have promised to mention as when the electricity kept tripping out he sorted us out with extension plugs and ensured we were o.k. ( Thankyou Luke for all your help).

Roy decided to do the hoovering and I started the cleaning. Should have got a photo of Roy hoovering as this doesn’t happen very often. He is a very technical minded man but when it comes to hoovers and washing machines he does not have a clue! We spent a few hours cleaning up the boat to make it respectable enough for someone to bring the boat back for us, as this is going to take 2 weeks. That is our next mission!!

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