Survey Day

The big day had finally arrived. We had to travel back down to London as the survey was being done. I had got a migraine! I thought it was a sign to say “dont buy the boat”.

I think I was the surveyors worst nightmare! I bombarded him with questions. I just needed his reassurance we were doing the right thing.

Roy was enjoying himself, me on the other hand just had this look of fear on my face thinking what the hell are we doing!

Trevor, the surveyor finshed the survey at 5pm that day and then Roy and I were left with the decision do we buy the boat or not!

Yes…. no….what if……. yes then….. no then….. what do you think? were the only words that came out of my mouth for a while but in the end we decided YES, lets go for it. We paid for the boat there and then otherwise I am sure I would have changed my mind overnight. We had arranged to go back the following day and clean inside the boat, by this I mean de-spider it!

We stayed in London overnight at a hotel and had a lovely meal and I had far too muich to drink (3 glasses of wine). Aanyone who knows me will know that after 1 glass I have had enough, 2 glasses: I start to provide the entertainment for the evening, well by glass 3, I am not even going to go there.

Roy and I were both very happy and slept really well that night. We woke up the next morning and Roy said he had a terrible nightmare, he dreamt he had bought this boat full of spiders!! NOT FUNNY ROY. This is Roy’s sense of humour. Anyway, off we went to start de-spidering the boat. This is where our story begins!!

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