I have never seen so many spiders in all my life!!! ” There is no way we are buying this boat!!!” I shouted to Roy . ” Roy are you listening” I continuted to shout as he entered the boat with excitement. “Oh my goodness, there are spiders everywhere.” This is all you heard me say for the next ten minutes until we saw this contraption in the bathroom. I have never seen aything so ugly in my life and disgusting as what was in front of me. It wasn’t a dalek or something featured in an Alien movie it was a composting toilet!

That would have to be the first thing to go, actually the second, spiders would have to be the first. Anyway, the more we walked through the boat, we could both see the potential to buying Foxglove. I cannot believe I actaully just wrote that, but yes, there was potential!


Anyway, we sold Marpessa within a few days of it being advertised and so we put an offer in on Foxglove. I had to wait a whole weekend (patience is not my best attribute when it comes to things like this), anyway a whole 3 days passed and our offer was accepted.

We decided it was best to have a survey on the boat wich has taken an agonising 4 weeks wait to find out if Foxglove was going to be o.k to purchase.

With Marpessa sold, Roy and I boatless for the last few weeks have been hard because we have literally spent every weekend on Marpessa since we bought her. Although thanks to the new owners of Marpessa, Nick & Emma, we got our “boat fix” by taking them out on it over 2 weekends which was wonderful.

Thank you Nick & Emma if you are reading this, you picked up crusing really well!!

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