Helping Hand and Fabulous Results

Early morning call today from Laura Ashley saying they were at the marina at 8am. Mad rush to get there as I was on my way to work. Luckily Iain who I work with was passing that way and so he gave Roy and myself a hand with the furniture. He was brilliant. I always like to take pictures of the progress but sometimes my timing is not always convenient. Iain found this out today as I asked him to stop for a few seconds whilst I took a photo. He had his hands full at the time with the new furniture. Bad timing but excellent photo!! Thanks Iain.

I promised to say thanks to Sean & Tiger, yes that is Tiger not Tigger. These were the 2 delivery guys from Laura Ashley. We were the first narrowboat they had ever delivered to. With a gentle squeeze all the furniture managed to fit.

We went back to the marina tonight to rearrange the furnitre as I had to shoot back off to work this morning. It looks amazing. Everythng fits, it all matches and it is stunning!!
I really want to move in now but there are still a few things to do yet. Won’t be long though!

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4 Responses to Helping Hand and Fabulous Results

  1. Nigel says:

    Looking absolutely fab!

  2. Thanks Nigel. Hope we get to take her out soon!

  3. Davide says:

    to Iain: “Hi mate, you can’t stay without lifting and moving things around!”

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