It is official, I am now concerned about Roy as he has ordered some lace today!! OMG. Whatever next. I never thought I would ever say anything like that. My husband has actually ordered lace! I am killing myself laughing even writing about it. This is for the boatman’s cabin. Still laughing! Whatever next. I cannot write without laughing at the moment. My husband, Mr. Technical, the gadget man…….ordering lace. When he reads tonight’s blog I am not sure if he will see the funny side of it or not. I am still laughing. This  boatman’s cabin is his little project at the moment. I am sure it is going to look fantastic though because he has researched so much of how the cabins are supposed to look like I am sure it will be just perfect.

Three more days of work to go. Cannot wait!!!

Just read the blog to Roy……..he has just said it wasn’t any old lace it was a specific depth of lace that had to fit the ticket box……….he is now laughing. Apparently it needs to have a different depth along the shelves. He said if there is anything left over he might make a bonnet out of it ( I think that bit is a joke, at least I hope so…..oh and a pair of pants……now that I would like to see!)

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  1. Jo says:

    Back Cabins were so individual to each boater and his family. Many back cabins were sparse they did not decorate them to a high degree, because they were to busy working. When we dressed our back cabin Keith already had most of the plates and brass work, which he had up in his house. I went to Evelyn Booth at Lockside Antiques for my lace, which did the cabin and the curtains. You will find that as time wears on you will just have the cabin how you like it and so yours like everyone else’s will be individual. Looking forward to seeing a photograph of it once it is dressed. We use our back cabin all the time and sleep in the bed ‘ole, so the stove is always going, with this in mind I have a Summer set of curtains with the lace and a Winter set without the lace, because the curtains do tend to get dirty very quickly with the dust. I love our back cabin it is homely and cosy. Good luck with dressing yours. Look forward to the bonnet, I have a couple of boatwoman’s bonnets if Roy wants to try one out ha ha ha.

    • Hi Jo, that is funny about the bonnets! We have ordered ours from Evelyn. We have already bought a few items from her. She was lovely. I am quite surprised how Roy has taken over this project. Going to be good though. 🙂

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