First Christmas

We finally made it. First Christmas on Foxglove and it has been truly magical. I missed a great photo opportunity first thing this morning when Roy let Wish out for her morning wee! Roy came back onto the boat saying he needed to wash his hands…..not only his hands but all his clothes as he slipped and fell on his bum and he was covered in mud. First laugh of the day. Anyway I sorted out breakfast, waffles, Roy’s favourite, while he got changed.

Santa had been last night, not sure which chimney arg-santa-chimney-rev-urlhe used as there are plenty to choose from on Foxglove! Going to be taking lots more pictures now as Roy has bought me a camera. First proper camera I have ever owned. Going to be very busy, haven’t got time to work anymore as Roy bought a selection of hobbies to keep me busy whilst on Foxglove, lace making, basket weaving and flower pressing. Can’t wait to get started.

Managed to cook a Christmas dinner on Foxglove. You have to be very organised in the kitchen because of space or lack of should I say in the kitchen, but everything went well. Heard on the radio that the best way to cook sprouts was to add salt, sugar and butter to the boiling water. It also makes your veg glossy looking. They tasted really nice, honestly they did because Roy even ate them. He never eats sprouts but he did today! Unbelievable.

Went out for a long walk with Wish whist dinner was cooking. So many interesting smells coming from the narrowboats moored up. Everyone was in good spirits who we bumped into. I really like living on Foxglove and it is great because we are not working so we can come and go as we please. No rush to go anywhere or do anything. Might have to bring our five year plan forward by five years. Retire at 40? Sounds good to me.

Stayed in and watched a film this afternoon and then reminisced about the last few months as we looked so hard to find the perfect boat and we have definitely found it. Foxglove is perfect!

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