Rain rain go away!

The weather started off lovely this morning so whilst Roy was doing a few jobs ( aerial related things) I decided to take Wish for a walk. The sun was out and wasn’t cold either. Perfect!…… Until 30 minutes into the walk and it threw it down with rain. Got to get used to this I thought if we are to start living on the boat, so I embraced the weather and enjoyed my walk with Wishy. I think as long as you are prepared for the weather it doesn’t really matter, but I must find Wish’s coat because she came back soaking. I am not that prepared yet!

Started my lace making kit today. Not even got to the cotton part yet as I have been making all the bobbins first. When you see how these things are made it really makes you appreciate how much work goes into making them. I think it will be a while before any of the lace I make will make it’s way to the boatman’s cabin.

Roy has started work on the boatman’s cabin today amongst other things. I am not allowed to see it until he has finished. The lace or the light is apparently going up tonight. I might have a sneaky look when he has finished 😉

He has painted the stove in there today. Hoping we will still wake up in the morning because the smell from the paint is very pongy!

He has got the TV working which is great but what is even better is that we can get the Internet on there also via some technical gadgetry thing he has done involving a play station and wi-fi thing he has done. It’s great though because we can do the blog on there rather than on the phone. The photos look great on there. Quite amazing what can be done even when you are on a narrowboat. The gadget man is back. I bet it won’t extend though into the boatman’s cabin. I guess we will see!

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