Back in time.

I travelled back in time today by 100 years, well actually about 70 ft. I kept having sneaky looks at the boatman’s cabin to see what was going on and then finally this afternoon LaceI walked in and thought WOW! It is so cute and pretty and it’s like playing dolls houses when you were little. Roy has got it looking just like the narrowboats used to be, well he did once he removed the Dyson Hoover. It really looks quite magical.

There are little hidey hole cupboards everywhere. One of them looks like one of those confession booths you get in churches, Back Cabinwell it does if you are only 5 inches tall. Everything is just so cute. Roy has even put his brass knobs up??!! Always count on me to lower the tone 😉

The lace looks fantastic. For the first time since we have had Foxglove the boatman’s cabin is starting to feel really homely, especially with the oil lamp (actually 12 volt) that he has put up. The stove was all lit and it is was really warm and cosy Back Cabin 3Back Cabin 2in there. Must get some jacket potatoes cooked in there tomorrow when we are on our travels, a good book and a glass of wine……perfect!

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4 Responses to Back in time.

  1. Really love the lace, we’ve just bought a boat with a boatmans cabin and I need to find some of the lace, where did you get it?

    • Hi there,
      We bought most of the lace from a lady called Evelyn Booth from Lockside Antiques. There is a link to her on my web page. We also found some on e bay. We also had porthole lace made from a lady called Suzo Handicrafts. You will find her on the internet, I would definitely recommend her.
      Best wishes

      • Cherie says:

        thanks Clare, sorry it took a while to post a reply, I’m struggling to get the hang of this blogging thing. you can now follow our journey at

  2. Hi Cherie, I will take a look. Hope you managed find some lace 😊

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