Fabulous day with a Fabulous friend.

Today has to have been the best day by far.
Why? You may ask….well we finally got to take Foxglove out onto the canal!

Our friend Angus came over this morning as he was coming over to help Roy service the engine…change oil filter, fuel filters and change the oil etc.

IMG_0029It was so funny first thing because I walked into the engine room watching them both with cups of tea in their hand assessing the situation ( they called it hard work, I think they were both just admiring the engine). Anyway, the camera had to come out. Too many photo opportunities to miss!

Whilst they were working hard (playing) in the engine room, I thought I would make us all a lobby for dinner. Anyway to cut a long story short, otherwise I will be here all night writing, we all decided to take Foxglove out for the first time…….this meant I got a chance to steer it….Finally!!!IMG_0041

IMG_0060IMG_0059All 3 of us took it in turn to cruise her down the canal. It was fantastic and I got to turn it around at the turning point. It went fantastically well ( on the second attempt, I will be entirely honest and I managed to get it completely stuck on first attempt.) It was the first time ever I had driven/ cruised a boat with one of these speed wheels and separate pulley thing for forward and reverse. Got in a bit of a mess at first but then I reversed it back a bit and had another attempt, very slow but managed it all o.k. Glad I did it down the canal and not in the marina!

Opened the champagne on the way back and Roy got the fire lit in the boatman’s cabin. Angus drove the boat back most of the way but Roy took it back into its mooring spot, perfectly, may I add. How annoying!! Angus and I scored Roy  two points each if you get my drift.

Anyway, the best photo of the day had to be this one. IMG_0067

When we arrived back at the marina the boatman’s cabin was so warm we all sat and ate our lobby in there. I think the pinkish coloured dishes and lace made a very manly picture!!

Lots of laughs today. It has been fantastic and thanks again Angus for all your help you really have been a fantastic friend.


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2 Responses to Fabulous day with a Fabulous friend.

  1. Jo says:

    Taking your boat out for the first time is magical and an unforgettable event in ones life. The lace is looking lovely hung up and oh yes the pink does compliment the manly picture.
    Happy New Year to you both and many more days cruising x

    • Hi Jo, yes it was a memorable day. I feel like a kid again and we are just having fun. Your Christmas dinner looked lovely by the way. I will keep a note of the restaurant for when we are on our travels. Happy New Year to you both also. Hope to see you next year! Xx

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