2 visitors but 6 legs

No we did not have two 3 legged spiders or anything strange like that on the boat, but it was Angus and his collie dog Frank. He is so cute, Frank that is, sorry Angus if you are reading. Wish was not too impressed when she saw another dog running pass the side of the boat. All gums and teeth were showing, from Wish that is. Wish gets on with any human but with dogs, nope. She is starting to get quite protective. We will have had Wish for 2 years this May, although she will actually be 5 years old by then. We bought her from this woman that used her as a show dog then bred from her once and it turned out that Wish wasn’t very good with the puppies and then continued not to get along with her other dogs so we were very lucky to find her. She is the most adorable dog ever, Frank is the second 😉

Here is a link to see Wish when she was only 7.5 months old and she looks no different now:


Back to work today. Already counting down the days until weekend. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for next weekend as we have friends coming over and hopefully we will get to take a trip out on Foxglove.

Planning on making some bread rolls for next weekend. That should be interesting! Would love to know of any good recipes for one stockpot cooking. Roy is bored of lobby but I like the fact it is good just to put everything in one pot. Got to be fairly easy though…..by this I mean not weird ingredients, your everyday ingredients would be good. Please use the comment tab below if anyone has such recipes or any good soup recipes. I am o.k with soups. You might have gathered I am not that good in the kitchen, cleaning yes but not cooking!


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