Any suggestions?

Even though we are not at the boat I can always find something to talk about. One question I would like to ask all you fellow boaters out there is if you are living on it full time what do you do with your evenings when it is dark and let’s say it is raining, what do you do to fill your time? The reason I ask this because you name it I have worried about it tonight about all the things that I could possibly worry about living on a boat.

Roy and I talk about it every night at the moment and still can’t make the decision what to do. I think because I am a worrier I am starting to worry about how I will cope with change. Even writing this blog tonight I am finding new things to worry about.

It is going to be a massive step for Roy & I to make this move and so I think it is perfectly natural to have doubts. Sometimes writing about it helps. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts and comments and hopefully it will help us to decide what to do next. Worry worry worry. Spend far too much time worrying.

Heard the weather is going to get a bit colder over the next few days. I really need to get a good wooly hat. I pinched Roy’s last weekend and it keeps popping off my head. Must try and remember to get one before the weekend. I wonder if we will still get any snow that they predicted weeks ago? The tow paths at the moment are so muddy at the moment a bit of snow would be great to make walking on the paths less messy. Just a shame though when it melts because everywhere becomes a mess again. Stunning photos to be taken though whatever the weather and I am hoping to catch a few good pics. I am loving my new camera. Hopefully I will manage to take some more photos this weekend.

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2 Responses to Any suggestions?

  1. Jo says:

    Hi Roy and Claire.
    I can only comment on how we get on with the evenings, especially the Winter evenings. We have a TV so have that on when we are not out. If there is not a great signal, then we have a fantastic DVD collection. Keith tends to get on with making his rag rugs and I usually potter around on the boat. During the Summer we sit out a lot and enjoy watching the world go by, or chat to other boaters if we are moored with any. You will find there is always someone to chat too. I enjoy walking and taking photographs, so will go off when the weather is nice, but when it is dark and cold we stay indoors. I know others go to the pub, but we do not drink much. A lot depends on where you are moored up.
    I can understand you worrying, but be careful your not worrying to much, it is so easy to over think these things, instead of just going with the flow.
    The one thing that I think is more important than anything and that is you and Roy get on very well, because living on a boat full time in such a confined space can mean the odd row or maybe more than the odd row. If you argue not only will it mean one of you will be spending a lot of time on the towpath, it will also mean the world and his wife will know all about it, because boat walls are thin LOL. We never row, we cannot see the point, life is way to short to argue. During the cold dark nights confined in a small space together is an ideal breeding ground for arguments ha ahaha.
    I am quite sure if you decide to live aboard you will find plenty to do of a dark evening ;0).

    • Hi Jo, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. You sound a lot like Roy & myself. Think it is funny what you said about arguing as we overheard someone at the marina having a row last week. Roy and I are past that stage, been married for almost 22 years and we realised a long time ago life is too short. I know I am worrying far too much, it is how I have always been. I think it is just taking that leap of faith. I also have my electric piano and violin at home and I have always had some kind of musical instrument that has been in my life for 30 years. Reality is starting to hit! Xx

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