My instruments!

One of the things I have realised that I am worrying about is my musical instruments. There is a small harp that I have that I haven’t even played in the last 2 years or so, possibly more because I don’t have time, but my 2 instruments that I will so miss are my electric violin and clavinova piano. The violin I can probably take with me but the piano just won’t be able to.

Water Music!

Water Music!

I have played the organ since I was 10 years old and started teaching when I was 18. Over the years I had different instruments and then ended up with a digital piano (clavinova). Even though I don’t play much anymore I am so going to miss having it around because music has been a big part of both of our lives for 30 years now. Roy and I both play. The things that we have worked so hard for over the years are just going to be so painful to sell. I think this is why I started to panic and worry so much last night. Reality is starting to hit. It is a huge step to make to give up your home that you have loved for so long without having any doubts.

Arrived at work this morning with anxiety because of lack of sleep and worrying. I think it was something that would probably have happened at some point. Had a quick chat with my work colleagues about it and I felt better in no time. Work is good at the moment and keeping me very busy. I don’t teach music anymore, I even was a church organist for 3 years but now I am doing something totally different. I now work  at an air rifle factory called Daystate. Most of the time I love it. It is really interesting and quite fascinating.

Almost the weekend and I am really looking forward to it. Hoping to head off on Foxglove at some point. Let’s hope for dry weather and plenty of photo opportunities.

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5 Responses to My instruments!

  1. Stefano Gervasoni says:

    Nice post Clare, i loved it. personally i think it was good for you to join us at Daystate. I know it is not romantic as playing instrumenta, but working in a company it is a very good social exercise. I hope. Happy to have you there anyway!

    • Hi Stefano, glad you liked the post. Perhaps I can take my piano to work instead??? Put it in reception? Only joking. I miss writing music/ songs. It has been a long time since I composed anything. Must try and make time 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    In your last post you were wondering what to do with your time whilst living on the boat, well you may have just found an new outlet as you have a musical talent. if you go to any of the festivial on the cut, more often than not there are boaters get together’s where music is played by those boaters lucky enough to play an instrument, you could go and join in. At the Shackerstone Festival there is usually a jamming session in the pub. There is also the Northwich music festival, where boaters play. We have a few friends who play all sorts of instruments, it maybe worth a thought and a great way of getting to know people.
    It is always difficult to let go of things, but for us it was wonderful to de-clutter and to say “hello” to our new way of life.
    Do not get over anxious, it will come into place. x

    • Hi Jo. Might give that some thought. Not very confident going to new places especially starting to play the keyboard or something. Too shy! I really do appreciate you writing back. I gave been reading your blog and I have commented a couple of times but I think I am doing something wrong when you have to send it as I was using WordPress? Not sure what I did. Anyway, your pictures were stunning yesterday and I would love to try your recipe for chicken curry! Might give it a go this weekend xxx

  3. Alison says:

    Hello! I was just searching for “pianos on narrow boats” and came across your blog. We have just bought a narrow boat called Foxglove and will be moving aboard over the summer. I am finishing up teaching music lessons here to go and do my teacher training, and one of the things I’m most worried about is not having room for my instruments! How are you getting along? Ali

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